Back, Rested Up, and Spoiled

So I'm still riding high on the news from Comic Con, which...this is a definite switch from last year.  Nothing said so far has actually made me connect my palm to my forehead, so good job, Chuck people.  However, until I actually sit down and watch a video on it, probably shouldn't talk about it.

Yesterday, I posted a spoiler because it was my mom's birthday.  Well, the thing is, I just can't play favorites today.  That would be unfair to post something on my mom's birthday and ignore my dad's birthday (and their anniversary.  Yes, my parents' birthdays and anniversary fall on the same weekend in July.  It makes for either easy shopping, or really expensive shopping, depending on how you look at it), so I'm posting a different type of spoiler today.

Spoiler is after the break.

It's a couple of chapters out, but here it is:

Chuck looked over his shoulder. Sarah was leaning against the hood of the rental car, her arms crossed over her chest. She gave him a little wave when she noticed the attention.

Chuck waved back and turned to the guard. “Trust me,” he said, “I have no idea what she sees in me either.”

The guards laughed. Chuck joined them, though it was hard to laugh and hold back the urge to vomit at the same time.

Post speculation here!  It makes me cackle.


  1. Ayefah25.7.10

    Well, let's see...Chuck and Sarah seem to have switched the stolen car for a rented one. Shockingly, they seem to have also left the Hartbreak Hotel. And Chuck wants to vomit, which means he's nervous. Maybe the guarded place is someplace they're not supposed to be, or maybe they have Jill stashed in the trunk. Maybe both. Who knows? They're definitely pulling some kind of minor con. Other than that I got nothin'. As usual. :P

  2. This is from Chapter 35 or 36, by the way. I feel like I should say that. :) Good guesses, Ayefah. *scribbles some notes down*

  3. Fire From Above26.7.10

    They are infiltrating Black Rock by posing as unlikely Fulcrum partners/couple. Because I hope they don't get together too soon or ever. I like seeing Sarah so frustrated. She is way too subtle for Chuck.

  4. Oh, oh, oh! I know! I know! Pick me!

    What do you mean I can't tell? This sucks.

    I classify this post as a tease and nothing else.

  5. Sorry, Fire. A neon sign is way too subtle for Chuck when he has his feet dug in on something. But the instant he clues in...

    Yeah. :) I'll apologize to you in advance.


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