An October Treat

So a couple of nights ago, I, the great Frea O'Scanlin, was in chat with the world's greatest beta, Maximus Prawns, and we were discussing a very important month.  As a lot of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as the home of Columbus Day, Mischief Night, and the birthdays of four very important people in Frea's life: her best friend, her grandfather, her aunt...and Brandon Routh.

Important month, right?

It just got even more important.  That's right, October brings us....

What IS the Hallowhedon Challenge, you ask?  Well, my good friend, let me tell you after the break!

It's probably no surprise to anybody that most of us at Castle Inanity are huge Whedonites, or at least fans of the shows.  Engage Chris in a discussion about Firefly and Serenity sometime.  It will BLOW YOUR MIND.  Justin is the creative genius behind Sarah the Vampire Slayer.  mxpw's favorite show is Buffy, it says so right on his profile.  I break out into spontaneous choruses of "My Eyes" and "My Freeze Ray" with my sister, and have regularly offered people the keys to a "shiny new Australia."  Wepdiggy, as you know, wrote the brilliant Slayin' Genes, so he knows where it's at, clearly.

So a couple of days ago, Maximus and I were talking, like I said, and he commented on the idea of writing a sequel to his great zombie story in which an actual zombie apocalypse happens.  And I said, that's a great idea!  I should write a Halloween fic!  And then I started making jokes about pitting Whedon villains against Chuck and company because that's how my mind works, and Maximus riffed on it with me for awhile because he really is the world's most indulgent beta reader, and we were like, we should get everybody in on this!  So we went around to our fellow CIA members and were like, "Let's write one-shot crossovers for Halloween!  Chuck vs. Buffy/Angel/Horrible/Dollhouse/Firefly villains!"

And recognizing good ideas when they saw one, each said yay!  So on Halloween, there will be six new stories in the archive from the members of Castle Inanity.  I've heard tell that Justin might be updating the glorious Sarah the Vampire Slayer, that Wepdiggy's been kicking an idea around that I'm personally very excited about, and who knows?  We might see an Incan Death Mask pop up somewhere around mxpw's story...oooh.  And, might that be a Chuck vs. the Evil League of Evil in our future?  Intrigue!  As for me, you should probably expect the last thing you should expect from me.

It's not a contest, we're not going to head-to-head (the reason for that is I'm fairly certain Crystal would kick all of our butts--have you read Kill Bryce?  She can be scary when she needs to be!), but a chance for everybody who's a fan of Chuck and Whedon to enjoy six new stories, really.  And hey, if anybody else wants to hop on the bandwagon, we'd be happy to have you!  Let's celebrate Hallowhedon together!

- Frea


  1. Hahahahaha. I love how when you described how everyone is such a Whedonites, I was the only person CIAuthor who wasn't mentioned. Apparently I need to catch up on these shows and get obsessed, huh? :P

  2. I was trying to be nice and not point it out. :)

  3. Johnclark1.10.10

    Seeing as how I, and I may be in the minority here,(nor do i mean to suggest my preferences count for anything)never cared for Buffy, Angle, Horrible or Dollhouse at all I think it might be cool if Whedon's next big gig was rolled into this, that would be the Avengers. I mean really is there a 'verse' Chuck himself would be more geeky about? Hell the parallels between Chuck characters and some Marvel-verse characters is already almost scary, Casey-Captain America? (or Awesome for that matter), but Chuck and Chuck's dad have a few Tony Stark parallel's, not to mention Sarah and Black Widow!

  4. Anonymous1.10.10

    love, love, love this idea as a big buffy, firefly, and dr. horrible fan. i'm not a big fan of halloween, but now i'm very excited! thanks!

    -- seaboji

  5. Sparky2.10.10

    I liked dr.horrible,like Buffy when it's funny and not angst-y.


  6. So it just dawned on me (because I'm an idiot, and it takes me some time to realize things) that this will now be the second consecutive Halloween I've celebrated by writing a Whedonverse/Chuck crossover. Of course, last year it was Firefly and this year it's Angel-like, but still...

  7. Sparky2.10.10

    And your birthday? In october? I'm asking because i want more double agent or WFI prologue :)

  8. Anonymous7.10.10

    I was a big Buffy, Angel and Firefly fan (Not so much Dollhouse) so I am very excited to see what you all write. I also for reasons even I'm no sure of feel compelled to add a comment to the previous comment on the Avengers. If you think about it, the Chuck Charcter that is most like a tall, thin, somewhat nerdy guy that due to a government experiment becomes the "perfect" fighter without actually crossing over into gaining superpowers (AKA Steve Rogers) is... Chuck not Casey or Captain Awesome. Just a thought.


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