The Castle Inanity Hallowhedon Pledge

So right before October began, I extended a challenge to all of the CIA to write Hallowhedon stories.  There were no specifics given except that it had to be a crossover with Chuck and a Whedonverse of the authors' choice.  Tomorrow, there will be four new stories in the fandom crossing over vampires and reavers and zombies (oh my) with our gallant crew of nerds and spies.

Now mxpw and I are upping the challenge.  First, though, a video:

And, in a limited time offer, for ANY review on ANY of the four Hallowhedon stories submitted tomorrow, mxpw and I will each go and vote for Chuck in the TV Guide cover contest.  Even if the review is an absolutely hateful bucket of libel, Chuck gets at least two votes from it.  So, in addition to going and voting a crazy amount, you can literally just type "Awesome story, Wep/Chris/Max/Frea!" in the review box (though I hope you have a little more to say than that!), and that's like submitting an extra vote!  Neat, right?

Until we get those stories posted (mine may go up at midnight tonight central time), you can always go here and vote!

- Frea and the Castle Inanity Crew


  1. So, how many votes did we generate today via reviews?

  2. Quite a few since I worked out a system on the Fates Hallowhedon story that meant a looooot of refreshing of that TV Guide poll! I'll have an update when I get home from my writing event!

  3. Okay, so instead of updating when I got home from my writing event, I got sick and started hallucinating, but now that that nasty little bug has passed, here's the tally for votes garnered from Hallowhedon stories, including Verkisto's awesome contribution:

    312, between Max and myself. I did an odd tallying thing in Fates that meant I had to vote 130 times for it.


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