Happy (Early) Birthday, Frea!

Since Frea won't be around for the weekend, we've decided to celebrate her birthday a little early. :)

From Crystal: Hey, look it's a new layout! Because you totally didn't see that coming, right? Right?? Okay, so you did, but hey, you didn't know what it would look like, so HAH. :) Sorry it's not all Anna Torv, and sorry it's black and blue (again), but hopefully you like it just the same, yes? I am particularly proud of the banner. :D

On a more serious note...Happy Birthday, Frea. Everyone knows you already rock, so hearing it from me isn't anything new. But you truly are awesome, and I'm glad I sent you that Fateful (hee) email back in February that got us chatting, and I'm even more stoked that I got to meet the brilliance of Frea in person. Seriously, you've helped me so much in setting up my writer's roots and branching off in crazy and corrupted directions, and I can't thank you enough. Kill Bryce is 100 times more awesome when I've got you to chat with and bounce ideas off of. And Fates snippets are always a bonus. :D

Sorry I've been so MIA lately, but you know I still love ya! Have a great birthday, and yes, it is a big deal, no matter what you say. :)

From mxpw: I'm not sure what to say exactly, Frea. I talk to you almost every day, usually about your plans to take over the world, one fanfic reader at a time. But still, even though we talk a lot, I don't think you quite understand the impact you've had on me since I sent you that PM (or was it you who contacted me first, I can never remember) way back...whenever that was.

To think I was so nervous offering to be your beta. I mean, I knew next to nothing about you, other than your awesome taste (Futurama FTW!). And yet, it was a great decision on my part to try anyway because look where I'm at now? And then I actually got to meet you in person. Twice. Those were both awesome days, where we had In-N-Out, talked about Fates, discussed music, and thought we got lost, but were actually just fine. Yeah, I can't believe I remember that either.

I've learned so much since getting to know you, not only about writing, but also about Fringe (and your subsequent crush on Olivia Dunham), you, Bostons, and Jim Butcher, just to name a few. You've been an awesome friend, you are a brilliant writer, and even though you may not think it's such a big deal, the Ninth is an awesome day because it's YOUR birthday. So there.

I hope you like the banner and the new layout. Crystal did an amazing job, did she not? Yes, I'll admit, it was my idea, so if you're not crazy about it, blame me. But she did all the work and I hope you like it as much as I liked my layout.

Happy Birthday, Frea! I hope you actually do something to celebrate! And enjoy your new blog.


  1. I know you guys said something, but I just...can't get past that picture of Olivia...holy crap....YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!

    I'm gonna go sniffle quietly, I think. This is so freaking awesome! And that banner is a thing of beauty and soooo cool and you guys really really really really really rock! Oh man! I think I have to go run in consequently tinier and tinier circles and geek out now. And everything y'all said back at me? Right back at you, tenfold.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to spend the rest of the day walking on air. :)

  2. Sparky8.10.10

    Even though,i don't watch Fringe,i like this layout better:)

    Happy Birthday,Frea.

  3. Anonymous8.10.10

    Happy Birthday Frea!!

    (and nice present you guys!)

  4. Anonymous8.10.10

    This is your birthday song,
    It isn't very long ... Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow and enjoy your weekend. =)

    To crystal, great job on the layout. It's super-swank


  5. Anonymous8.10.10

    Happy Birthday Frea!

  6. Happy Bday, Frea

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  8. Since it seems like all the cool kids are doing it (yes, mxpw and Crystal, you guys are cool), I feel like the need to go retrospective on our relationship.

    It was crisp winter day, where our breath hung like icicles in the Vermont air. You had just come out of charm school, a well-tempered young woman ready to be married at the fine age of nineteen. I was a young Lord of the colonies, in want of a wife.

    Wait. I always forget that we didn't meet in the beginning of a Jane Austen novel. My bad.

    What actually happened is in chapter 20 of Fates, you pimped Chuck vs the Simple Twist of Fate. Then I joined the Google Group and asked for a beta. Then you said, "Oh hey I'll be your beta!" Then other stuff happened and we're all pals and stuff!

    No, but for serious. You've not only improved Twist by leaps and bounds, been a great sounding board for any and all writing that I get up to, but you've also been a very good friend. Which, really, is the more important thing. Long after I'm done writing Chuck fic, we'll still be friends. How freaking cool is that?

    So I guess I just have this to say:

    Happy Frakking Birthday.

  9. Happy birthday, Frea! Have an awesome day :)
    And as a huge Fringe/Chuck fan, I am absolutely loving the new theme ;)

  10. Anonymous9.10.10

    Happy Birthday, Frea!!

  11. alladinsgenie4u9.10.10

    Happy birthday,Frea. Absolutely loving the background.

  12. Happy Birthday Frea hope you have a great day. Oh and slipping in the evil overload list reference into chapter 40 of Fates :D, that deserves a geek-tacular (or should that be nerd-tacular? ;) ) medal, it was awesome regardless as was the rest of the chapter (non-ironic usage of the word "awesome" and accompanied by a Devon Woodcomb high five).

  13. paranoia9.10.10

    Happy birthday Frea!!!

  14. Ayefah9.10.10

    Happy birthday, Frea! I hope today is going awesomely for you. And thank you for being one of the few people who can actually put up with how badly I ramble about Chuck. :D

  15. Anonymous9.10.10

    Yo Frea, Happy Birthday!!

    You are most definitely my favourite evil genius and I hope you have had an awesome day!

    Mogget =]

  16. Anonymous10.10.10

    this ISN't a national holiday?!
    oh well, happy birthday frea!

  17. Everybody (I'd reply individually, but I don't have a lot of time before work tonight and I figure you guys might appreciate me finishing 41 more): thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!! I had a wonderful birthday, and coming here and seeing all of you here just made it better! The Chuck community really is the best in the world. So thank you again! And I really feel bad that I don't have a less generic message planned. I read the Evil Overlord list, but it says nothing about adoring masses/birthdays. :-P You all rock!!!!

  18. Well I guess I'm late to the party, but better late than never, right?


    Hope it was a great one and wish you many many more, cause God knows you'll need them if Fates is ever to be completed :-D


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