Is everybody excited?  After the hiatus from mxpw vs. Frea, we'll have a new one of those for you hopefully tomorrow -- the lack of a review last week is my fault as I, a) did not really have anything good to say about the episode, and b) was involved in a lot of projects that unfortunately ate up a lot of time -- and there will of course be Chris's Live Tweets tonight (seriously, go to his Twitter, you DO NOT want to miss that) and he'll post them up on the blog later with addendums that always slay me.  And I will do my best to have icons from both tonight's episode and last week's up.

But in the meantime, the people over at Chuck This are pretty awesome, and they like What Fates Impose and the Adorable Psycho and Double Agent a whole bunch, so I think we're naturally predisposed to like them.  Even if we didn't, they're doing a really neat promotional campaign right now called CHUCKtoberfest and everybody should go over, check it out, see what they can do to help.   From the rumors floating around Twitter, it looks like a back nine order is in the works, but this is our show, we've fought to keep it on the air since the dawn of time, let's continue to give our support and gratitude since it's the thing that brings all of us crazy personalities together.

Yes, I called all of us crazy.  I never said crazy was a bad thing.

Let's see...some updates.  mxpw has Chapter 41, it's being beta'd, so I don't have a posting date on that, and Chapter 42 is going pretty swimmingly.  I've already selected a few scenes I'm going to tease from that one on the blog, so once 41 is out, expect to be deliciously tortured.  I have yet to start my Hallowhedon fic, but I know Wepdiggy is hard at work on his, and from what Chris has shared with me, you're in for a real treat.  And chapter three of Kill Bryce has been outlined into something AMAZING.  You're also in for something awesome because I've convinced mxpw he needs to write a writing column for the blog, and some people need to consider themselves poked about writing columns (*coughcoughRoundupWhattheFrakisWepReadingWhyWeWritecough*).


And that's all she wrote for the day, folks, except she's going to work on Fates now.

- Frea


  1. Anonymous18.10.10

    Chuck’ on the Verge of Full Season Pickup

    Hell, yeah!


  2. Anonymous18.10.10

    Is it normal that I am almost as excited to hear about the teasers for 42 than I am to know that 41 is on the way? I love these teasers, they're like promos only better than the NBC one because they do not spoil everything. So yay!

    And OMG, Halloween is going to rock this year! So many pretties to chose from. That said, I don't care how many time you call Joss Whedon your friend, Frea, you still need to let him out of your basement for fresh air once in a while. I'm on to you.

    Oh, and mxpw needs to write period. He can write column, fics, detergent commercial, anything he wants, I'll read it. So good job on convincing him to write a column!

    One last thing before I shut up and start studying Vygotsky, really you thought last week ep was that bad? Really? I know the Dr Phil moment at the end kinda sucked, but still, nothing good to say at all? Well, hopefully this week ep will be more to your liking :). Can't wait for the review.

    Happy Chuck Day,


  3. Anonymous18.10.10

    Mxpw needs to write more DA. NOW!!! I would threaten not to talk to him, but since I am just a lurker I guess that would not work. (-:

  4. Hey, for those of you interested in my live-tweets, the linkage is http://www.twitter.com/racecarbrown

    Get involved in the conversation!

  5. If mxpw write the rest of double agent and Tally gets a new laptop, everything will be fine in my world.

  6. Lily - Let Joss out? But we're friends! And he writes all of those great Fate--er, I mean, I don't have Joss Whedon locked away, doing my bidding AT ALL. Last I heard he was, uh, working on the Avengers movie. What, production for that has stalled while they search for their missing director, you say? How odd.

    Yeah, I didn't like last episode at all. I found it as clunkily written as "Tooth," and they pushed the relationship stuff one episode too far. Tonight's episode, I thought, was amazing because it had a good balance of everything, so yeah, we'll see how the review goes.

    Vincent - I will see your 'Hell yeah!' and raise you a 'Boo-yah!'

    Anonymous, T-Rex - he's working, he's working. It's a hard knock life being my beta reader. He had to read 41 like 10 times to make sure he caught everything...which I'm sure was really rough for him. Was that a sarcastic spoiler cos there may be a lot of Sarah in 41? Whaaaaat? Me, spoil people? Never!

  7. If you have Joss locked in your basement, can you get him to cast Yvonne as Ms Marvel in Avengers?

  8. JS, I tried that, my Mad Men loving friends attempted to kick my butt, so now I'm in hiding from both them and January Jones.


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