What the Frak is Wep Reading? Week (I'm not even sure)

Just when I thought I was out, blah, blah, blah. So you asked for it (at least Frea did), and when you ask for it (well, when Frea asks for it), be careful what you wish for, I guess. So at long last, the column that recommends fics that you may, or may not have read returns in full force. It's time for What the Frak is Wep Reading?

So let's see if I remember how to do this. First, I'm supposed to recommend a multi-chapter fic, right? Well okay, I'll start there.

Something many of you know about me (but I'm sure some don't) is that I love college football. Like, L-O-V-E it. I'm not a huge sports nut. I was as a kid, but then I got older and discovered girls, and... yeah. But anyway, the point is, I left most of my sports obsession around the same time I realized that, yeah, boobs are cool. The one exception to that? College football. I love it. The pageantry and tradition, the mascots and coeds, the marching bands and option offenses? I love all of those things.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "Wep, what the frak does college football have to do with Chuck fanfic?" It's a fair question, and fortunately, I have an answer.

A long time ago, someone made the AWESOME decision to mix college football, and Chuck fanfiction. And seeing as I'm a huge college football fan, I'd be remiss if I didn't recommend this story at least once, so that's what I'm here to do.

Oh, and other thing. This story has this great summary: Five Times Chuck and Sarah share a bed for their cover (and one time they just do). Hah! That's right. College football, and Chuck/Sarah goodness. What else could a boy from SEC country want?

So now, without further ado, I present to you Hazelnutcoffee12's Come Away With Me.

And if I remember correctly, my second recommendation of the week is to be a one-shot, yes? Well, I have just the story.

Now, I know many of you do not dig non-canon pairings. I know even fewer of you dig slash or femslash. That's okay, that's your right. But just to warn, the second entry this week is a femslash story.

Now it's not gross, or explicit, or even does it involve any sex or even heated kissing (though it does hint that such things may be on the horizon), but it's all about the girl-love. And honestly, it has Anna Wu in it, so you know I love it right off the bat.

Oh, and as a bonus, this fic certainly passes the Bechdel Test, with the entire story focusing on Anna and Sarah, and hardly any mention of men is made (although there is a funny scene in which Anna and Sarah hide out from Jeffster).

And one last cool thing about this story. It's not listed in ANY of the Chuck archives I visit. Not the slashy ones, not the regular ones. I really came upon this by happenstance, and I was happy that I did, as I can bring to you a hidden gem. So I'll quit going on about it now, and present you with voleuse's Garnet Ambassadors.

That's all for this week. I hope you enjoy these stories, and as always, please leave reviews for these fantastic authors!


  1. Come Away With Me! I remember that one being one of the first Chuck fics I read when joining the fandom. Brilliantly-written story. :)

    Thanks for the recs, Wep!

  2. Sparky20.10.10

    "Come away with Me" is a good one. Like your commentary about boobs and football too :)

  3. Ayefah20.10.10

    That was one of my first Chuck fics too, Crystal, because I was perusing LJ first on the theory that the Pit of Voles usually has inferior fic, or at least makes the good stuff hard to find. Turns out that this is one of the odd fandoms that's mostly ff.net based. Heh.

    Anyway, Come Away With Me is a really great read even seasons later - it's definitely one of the stories I like to come back to once in a while. The fic equivalent of a mug of hot chocolate. :)

    But man, now I'm going to have Norah Jones stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  4. Anonymous20.10.10

    thanks, wep, for the recommendations. i love, love, love come away with me and have read it multiple times. it's definitely comfort food chuck. and it's always great to read a fic i haven't seen before, so thanks for garnet ambassadors.
    -- seaboji

  5. Heh, I guess Come Away With Me was a first for many. I seem to remember reading it near the beginning of my Chuck fanhood, too. So yay, we all share something.

    Glad you liked the recs, guys. :)

  6. Well, I haven't read it yet but definitely plan on doing so. Thanks Wep, your recommendations are always very solid, much appreciated.

  7. Come Away With Me was the story that hooked me on Chuck FanFic. It's been a while since I read it and so I took the time today to look it up again. It really stands the test of time. Thanks for reminding us of this one - and for all the new stories and authors you've introduced me too!

  8. Thanks MC and Peter. Glad you guys enjoyed the picks. And you're right, Peter, Come Away With Me certainly certainly hasn't lost anything over the years. Still a fantastic story!

  9. Come away with me is a fav of mine. I read it when I get full of angsty stories.

    BTW Wep I hold not secret to the fact that I am a huge LSU fan. Is there some kind of writing bet you would like to propose involving our teams?

  10. Yep! "Come Away With Me" was one of my first Chuck fanfics too and it probably was the one that got me hooked!

  11. Anonymous21.10.10

    Wep thank you for the suggestion, really digging "Come away with me".

    JS Fan

    P.S. Just finished reading the wonderful Ebook version of "Adorable Psycho".
    Dude it is pure, unadulterated AWESOME!!!! I have never laughed harder while reading. Will there be anymore adventures for Chuck and his truly Adorable Psycho? Please!!!!

  12. @BDL Heee, I learned long ago not to bet on the Gamecocks. Something about preferring the Gamecocks to girls, because there are times a girl won't F you, but the Gamecocks will always you. =P Now... if that bet was on clock management.... ;-)

    @JS Fan Well, the Adorable Psycho Saga is currently on hold, until MXPW finishes his story. The rest of AP's tale happens after her pregnancy (or one story, during but later on), so I'm kind of at a standstill right now. That said, there are three other authors that have expressed interest in possibly doing an AP story. I love the writing of all three of them, and hopefully those stories come to fruition, but we'll have to wait and see!

  13. So while you are on an AP hiatus, there is a story idea I think you would be great at - Frea once mentioned on the blog that she sometimes imagines what Fates Chuck would do and think if he woke up in Season 3 - always coming back to Fates Sarah and thanking God it was all a dream. I've always thought (even responded on the blog) that you could really do justice to that story line.
    Just sayin'...... it would be a cool one shot.

  14. JS Fan: I know that Frea and I had a couple of vague ideas for some new AP stuff. But I can't speak for Frea, since she's crazy busy with Fates and life. I'd like to write my idea, but unfortunately I'm also busy with college and Kill Bryce and an original idea I've been working on for my Fiction Writing class. So yes, AP is on hiatus...but there ARE ideas in the works. It's just a matter of how long it'll take before they come to fruition.

  15. I'll echo what Crystal said. Well, sort of. I mean, I don't have college to worry about or anything, but I do have a number of other projects I'm working on currently, and it's already kind of tricky balancing them all. Can't really add to the pile just yet. But perhaps some day...


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