4x03 - Chuck vs. the Cubic Z Icons!

Went a little icon crazy this week just for the fun of it. Grab the ones you like, leave a comment if you took one, yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill.





  1. Anonymous6.10.10

    My goodness, Frea! Do you even sleep? How do you possibly have so much time to write an amazing story, keep up with all the fandoms capturing your interest, write critiques about the show, make icons and god knows what else you do while still managing to have a life?

    Perhaps it's just some strange form of mediation that makes it so you think you've slept. Or a time machine . . .

    Yeah, I'm going with time machine.

    Awesome icons =)

  2. Anonymous6.10.10

    I though everyone knew by now. There's really 5 Frea O'Scanlins, who are just biding their time until their plan for world domination is complete


  3. Anonymous6.10.10

    I thought she was holding Willy Wonka hostage and making the umpa-lumpa's do her bidding.

    Great job on the icons, Frea!

  4. Anonymous6.10.10

    I heard that Frea kidnapped Joss Whedon and that she won't let him go until he finish Fates for her.

    Of course, I also heard that Frea has a room full of super smart monkeys and type machines and that she got them all addicted to Dr Pepper, so they'll write anything for a dose. I don't believe that last one though. Why would Frea ever share her Dr Pepper with anyone? It makes no sense.

    As always, great icons. I'm gonna save them in my Chuck picture folder like the good fangirl that I am.


  5. Sparky6.10.10

    pfft. Who needs Joss Whedon when you are Frea. Don't know about writing slavery,though.It is plausible :)

    And i think Frea would use her powers for good: Prevent The OC style angst ever happening in Chuck :)

    Or clone mxpw so that she will have both a beta reader and a story writer as loyal slaves:)

  6. I thank you for the pic. Its on twitter already, and will be on my other stuff soon.

    Kept checking all day yesterday, i figured you would be on a pepper high

  7. I haven't used it but I saved the bottom left pic that has Chuck down on one knee. Hopefully I will find a way to use this pic to fullfill my evil plans. Cheers

  8. Anonymous1 - Your sentence answers itself. Having a life? Yeahhhhh.

    Chino - You're wrong. There are six.

    Anonymous2 - Do you call hog-tying a man up and duck taping him to an office chair "taking Willy Wonka hostage?" Cos unless you do, you're wrong. :) And the oompah-loompahs are just so much fun. They play a mean game of basketball, amazingly enough.

    Lily, Lily, Lily, Joss and I are buddies. BUDDIES. No need for nasty kidnapping between friends. And your monkey theory has merit, if only so that I can look at chapters I don't like (12, 26, 31) and demand, "What monkey flung this?!"

    Sparky - I need Joss Whedon. I need a daily dose of Joss Whedon in my everyday life. Unfortunately, my powers are limited. I am merely a goddess among insects, as it were. And I don't know how mxpw feels about being cloned. Go see the movie "Jim" sometime. You'll learn cloning Never Ends Well.

    BDaddy - Was not on a Pepper high yesterday, but I did have some lovely apple wine. FBFF has spoiled me.

    SK85 - I feel honored that I have somehow enabled you to fulfill your evil plans. Do I get a medal?

    Thanks for the compliments, everybody!

  9. Anonymous6.10.10

    A1 here . . . no, not the steak sauce. I just didn't want to type the word anonymous although that is now irrelevant due to this explanation being longer than the word itself and I used it. Hee

    To Frea, I believe all the explanations provided by others to be true and accurate. And when you say you and Joss are BUDDIES I hope it's not in the way that Kathy Bates is to James Caan in the movie, Misery.

    In any event, congratulations on further enabling SK85 evil plots. I hope it doesn't take away from your plot of world domination.


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