Monday Updates...Mondates, If You Will

Okay, this is going to sound strange.  I figure, it's me, so chances of what I'm about to say sounding normal are pretty much nil to start off, but either way, here goes:

In about four hours, I'm flying across the country to pick up a chainsaw.
Appropriate for Halloween, no?  Well, it actually has nothing to do with All Hallow's Eve.  The chainsaw, and other equipment, belonged to my grandfather, and my dad needs them to work on the land he and my mom just bought, so he took the truck 'cross country to California and I'm flying out to help him drive back.  So it's actually very mundane.

And it's why Fates is taking forever this chapter.  I've been working, and preparing for Nanowrimo, and fighting off a cold, and now I'm going on a road trip, which means I'll either write scads or nothing at all.  Oh, and I got a Kindle.  So...that really didn't help it.  I'm halfway through Brandon Sanderson's Hero of Ages and if you like the Chuck/Sarah dynamic in canon and in Fates and about fifty other places, may I recommend Mistborn by the same author?

Unfortunately, I'll be sitting in an airport when Chuck airs tonight, which means Twitter is off-limits to me, but if you want the episodes to be even funnier than they already are, make sure you're following Chris on Twitter, or you can literally just sit on this webpage and refresh it regularly.  You may not like Twitter, but Chris is so hilarious he's worth getting over that dislike.

And if Maximus can convince Crystal, mxpw vs. Frea this week will actually be called mxpw vs. Crystal.  If not, expect that column to be a day or so late, and possibly shorter as it'll may be texting back and forth.  Icons won't be available until Friday, as I'm leaving my glorious photoshop behind.

Also, tonight is Chuck This's Beer Bash, so if you're of drinking age in your country, grab yourself a cold Anheuser-Busch product or Stella Artois, drink a few, and then let me know your real opinion of What Fates Impose.

...The business side of Frea has informed me that this is not the actual point of the Beer Bash.  But you can find out more about it on Chuck This!

And everybody should be a better fan than me and go and vote for Chuck in this TV Guide poll a few times.  I went and voted for Chuck, yes...and then I voted for Castle.

And finally, yet another taste of 42 before I go:

Since both agents were still on their errands, Chuck was technically under orders to go straight to the Bachelor Pad, but he figured he couldn’t get into too much trouble at the Buy More.

He figured wrong. Morgan had something cooking, if the agitated body language was anything to go by.

“Uh, okay,” he said, falling into step beside his best friend. “What’s up?”

They passed a green-shirt standing sentry over the hallway back to the break room. He exchanged nods with Morgan, and Chuck began to feel a little creeped out. “Buddy? Is something happening?”

“Happening? No. It happened, Chuck, and I am so, so sorry.”

“Sorry for what, exactly?”

“For this, Chuck. For this,” Morgan said, and pushed open the break room door.

And that has been your Mondates with Frea.

- Frea

PS - For your sanity, try not to think too hard about the concept of Frea with a chainsaw.  You'll sleep better that way.


  1. Oh God, a break room scene? Given the antics that usually occur in there in CANON, I'm not sure I want to know what happens in a fanfic...

    Quick Fates question; you once wrote a scene about Chuck, Sarah and condoms in castle. Are we to imagine that this scene never happened, or it was a part of the story that just never got published? Just wondering.

    As if you picking up a chainsaw isn't creepy enough, it had to coincide with the appearance of Freddy freaking Krueger on Chuck huh? Great, A Nightmare on Bartowski Street, this is really going to help me sleep....

    Thanks for the Ch 42. peek! :)

  2. Ayefah25.10.10

    Is it some kind of special holiday in Morgan's Chuck-worshiping religion? All bow to the Bartowski! Ohm.

  3. Anonymous25.10.10

    I wonder if Frea saw True Blood this season. There are some interesting...ahem, hypothetical... uses for a chainsaw!

  4. Ayefah25.10.10

    Tch. Clearly the best use of chainsaws is for killing chlorofiends.

  5. Anonymous27.10.10

    Well yeah, Harry rocks! ;-)


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