Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Couch Lock

Tweet 1: Doors in the desert are not suspicious at all. #Chuck405

Addendum: The only people who would use doors in the desert are terrorists or sand people. Never mind that most Tusken Raiders ARE terrorists. The only difference between a terrorist and a sand person is species and is that really something they couldn't overcome? Basically what I'm saying is that we need to get Mark Hamil into Afghanistan.

Tweet 2: Casey was part of the B-Team? #Chuck405

Addendum: I was going to say the A-Team, but come on. If you don't have Mr. T calling people sucka fools then you can't really be the A-Team, can you?

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Reply Tweet 1, from ladycat713: And they turned on him. Team Bartowski are the only ones who haven't (except for Shaw).

Addendum: I didn't think of this idea, but it's true. Though I have to say mentioning Shaw gave me waking nightmares. "OH GOD PLOT HOLES AND SENSELESS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AHHHH."

Tweet 3: Casey officially has, like, double the number of background episodes of Sarah. #Chuck405

Addendum: Do we really want to know more about Casey than we do about Sarah? Are we saving Sarah episodes for something special? I don't understand why we're holding back on this.

Reply Tweet 2, from ladycat713: That's because she won't even tell the writers her history.

Addendum: Okay that makes total sense.

Tweet 4: @ladycat713 She fights anyone who dares pull back the curtain of her mystery. #ToDeath #Chuck405

Addendum: This is true. One of the writers is all like "Oh hey let's write a story about Sarah's mom and they'll have parallels with-- OH GOD HER ARM IS IN MY SPLEEN!"

Tweet 5: Chuck giving Morgan relationshipo "advice" is kind of fun turnabout. #Chuck405

Addendum: He had that "bad advice that kind of sounds like good advice only because it's undermining the other person's sense of self worth" thing down PAT.

Tweet 6: Oh I'm sorry, Casey. #YoureRightYouWereTheATeam #Chuck405

Addendum: I don't necessarily actually agree with Casey but are you going to tell Adam Baldwin no? I'm not.

Tweet 7: Chuck that doesn't make sense. #TalkSomeSenseSucka #Chuck405

Addendum: Because gosh darnit it's not an A-Team referencing episode without someone calling someone else "sucka" or "fool." Also, that Chuck immediately jumped to "We have to kill Casey" didn't actually make sense. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Most of Chuck's best episodes had plots that didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Tweet 8: Okay that makes a tiny amount of not quite nonsense. #NotReally #Chuck405

Addendum: Chuck talked circles around me so well that I was almost convinced that killing Casey was totally sensible.

Tweet 9: Casey is teh badass. #IntentionalMisspellingOfThe #Chuck405

Addendum: Really? This needs an addendum?

Tweet 10: Not surprised it's a girl for whatever reason. #Chuck405

Addendum: Is it sexist that I think that the pregnancy would be less dramatic if it were a boy? I think it's sexist.

Reply Tweet 3, from ladycat713: Maybe they can name the baby Stephanie after her Papa B.


Tweet 11: Hahahaha, even if it doesn't make sense, the working eyes is an awesome touch. #Chuck405

Addendum: Enjoying a gag independent of it making sense or fitting with the story? Me? I don't know what you're talking about. Yes, I did like the sexting bit. What of it?

Reply Tweet 4, from ladycat713: It does if you take into account what Chuck said about all the things that had been in Casey's system, kinda.

Addendum: My reply to this made no sense because I can't follow conversations on Twitter, obvs.

Tweet 12: @ladycat713 I was referring to the whole "To drive them out of hiding we totally obvs gotta kill Casey." #TotallyObvs #Chuck405

Addendum: The benefit of being dumb? I got to use the hashtag #TotallyObvs. I call that even.

Reply Tweet 5, from ladycat713: OOOHHH. I think Chuck found Beckman's comment about risking a team member disturbing.

Addendum: There needs to be at least one person per week to undermine Chuck. This week: Beckman! Beckman is the best at this and should always be used. Freelz.

Tweet 13: @ladycat713 Poor Chuck's conscience.

Addendum: Seriously that thing is under constant stress.

Tweet 14: Keep wanting that guy to start making a video game. #Chuck405

Addendum: Anyone who has seen Grandma's Boy knows what I'm talking about. "Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a robot. Bzzzt Bweeoo. Bwzzzt. Bweo."

Tweet 15: Gun-loving, commie-hating forgiveness. #Win #Chuck405

Addendum: For the record, this is the best kind of forgiveness.

Reply Tweet 6, from RedScareBot: Politics of Fear.

Addendum: Yes, a bot tracked my use of the word commie and chastised me for it. Oh Twitter what don't you do?

Tweet 16: Morgan is the new S1 Chuck. "I'm done." #Chuck405

Addendum: I was having flashbacks to Uncle Bernie. Okay, yes, that's S2  but the point remains. The man needs better health care coverage, Fulcrum!

Tweet 17: How do you lose a Casey? #Chuck405

Addendum: I mean really. Those things are huge, they weigh at least two hundred pounds, and they're grunting all the time. If Casey sneaks up on you, you're doing it wrong.

Tweet 18: Hahahaha, who wanted to shoot the cat? #HowDareThey #SoCute #Chuck405

Addendum: That cat was adorable.

Reply Tweet 7, from ladycat713: not me!

Addendum: ADORABLE.

Tweet 19: Casey channelling Beatrix Kiddo. "Wiggle your big toe." #Chuck405

Addendum: Down to camera angle and everything, that shot looked like a reference to Kill Bill. I am totally okay with this, especially if they ever get Sarah in that yellow vinyl bodysuit.

Tweet 20: Zombie Casey. #Chuck405

Addendum: "Braaaaaains. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains." "Where'd he go?" ".....braaaaains." "OH GOD THERE HE IS."

Tweet 21: Way to get that phone call out, Casey. Even if it was to Jeff. #Chuck405

Addendum: There needs to be a fic or a scene where Casey and Jeff get into a contest of who can take more narcotics before losing consciousness. I have no idea who would win.

Tweet 22: Weekend at Bernie's Casey. #Chuck405

Addendum: Absolute best movie reference of the night, with Casey in his military uniform in the backseat, inexplicably with sunglasses on.

Tweet 23: "We got keys"? #DidntThinkTheyCouldGetCreepier #WasWrong #Chuck405

Addendum: I do not doubt that they have keys. I also do not doubt that they have thought about using them, only for Lester to wet his pants and chicken out remembering what happened at the Weinerlicious way back in Season 1.

Reply Tweet 8, from ladycat713: It's Jeffster; they will always find a way to be creepier, yet still less creepy than the Stepford spies were.

Addendum: Stepford spies is my new favorite Chuck term. Can we find more ways to use this, plz?

Tweet 24: @ladycat713 I have learned my lesson. #Chuck405

Addendum: Note to self: Jeff and Lester will always find a way to raise the creepy bar. They would receive a gold medal in creepy pole vault. Not that all pole vaulting isn't already kind of creepy.

Tweet 25: Hahahhaa. Sarah being flippant about explosions. #Chuck405

Addendum: "You realize that although it's complicated I have been working for the CIA in some fashion for, like, OVER A FRAKING DECADE. I will figure out which wire to cut, you big sissy. Then I will make out with you."

Tweet 26: Hahahahahahhaa. Stormtrooper Casey. #Chuck405 #NotGonnaGetOverIt

Addendum: Hahahahahahahahaha. Seriously I am still laughing.

Tweet 27: Dude Morgan that is a big boy decision. #Bravo #Chuck405

Addendum: I probably would have left her to die. Batista is scary.

Reply Tweet 9, from ladycat713: Poor Morgan! and now he's going to die.

Addendum: Yeah, but what a way to go. Wait no he's not dating Sarah Walker so if he dies his life is pretty much incomplete. My bad.

Tweet 28: @ladycat713 Morgan is having a tour de force this episode. What a guy. #Chuck405

Addendum: If we have more of Morgan, thank God it's more of Morgan growing up and becoming a man because I could relate to that all day. Because I am an immature bearded guy with a girlfriend who is way too good for me and I work at a BuyMore I mean Best Buy.

Reply Tweet 10, from Frea_O: Everybody not following @Racecarbrown's live tweets is SERIOUSLY missing out. He is on FIRE tonight.

Addendum: Did I include this reply tweet just to stroke my own ego? Yes. Yes I did.

Tweet 29: @Frea_O I am a now-required Chuck episode companion. Agree or Disagree? #Agree #AnsweringForYou #Chuck405

Addendum: Did I say this because I am arrogant/vain/egotistical/narcisstic? Yes. Yes I did.

Reply Tweet 11, from Frea_O: #ThankYouForAnsweringForMe #YoureRightAsAlways #ThisMessageIsHashtagApproved #Getit #OnlyHashtags

Addendum: The moral of the story, however, as always, is that Frea always wins. ALWAYS. WINS.

Tweet 30: A car or a boulder or a giant. #Chuck405

Addendum: Or an oil tanker or a skyscraper or a bottle of Jack Daniels made of rhino horn.

Reply Tweet 12, from ladycat713: If he's a car it's a Crown Vic, fully loaded with machine guns and missiles.

Addendum: Also it has an oil slick and a HAMMER.

Tweet 31: @ladycat713 SOTRUE #Truth #Chuck405

Addendum: Also wings painted to look like American flags.

Tweet 32: Morgan put on his big boy pants this episode. #Chuck405

Addendum: They are right between to his bad relationship advice pants and his Halo playing pants. Yes you need special pants for playing Halo.

Tweet 33: My God Morgan has cajones this week. #Chuck405

Addendum: I couldn't get over it, obvs. But would you talk back to Adam Baldwin? I wouldn't. The man is made of milk and victory.

Tweet 34: Black Hawk Down Casey. #Chuck405

Addendum: Adam Baldwin as John Casey as Josh Hartnett as Eversmann. Morgan is Ewan McGregor, duh.

Tweet 35: Dun Dun DUNNNNNN. #DramaticMusic #Chuck405

Addendum: Can someone splice a clip of the dramatic gopher into this scene? That would be great.

Tweet 36: Awwww real life. #RealEstateSucks #Chuck

Addendum: I am sorry for everyone who lives in a house that's worth less than their television. At least you can watch Chuck on that TV! #SilverLinings #WaitThisIsntTwitterWhyAmIUsinHashtags

Tweet 37: Casey your electronics expertise sucks. #Chuck405

Addendum: Sarah would have gotten it right. Not only that but it also would have been sexy. I don't know why or how, but it would have been.

Tweet 38: Bill Nye The Science Casey. #Chuck405

Addendum: Does anyone else remember that show? That show taught me everything I know about lightbulbs. Go ahead. Ask me anything about lightbulbs. How they work? No idea. SEE EVERYTHING I KNOW.

Tweet 39: Oh God if I could see Sarah Walker every time I came to. #Chuck405

Addendum: She is pretty is my point.

Tweet 40: This is the Morgan we need all day. #Chuck405

Addendum: All day every day. Twenty four seven three sixty five. You get what I mean. I'm a fan.

Reply Tweet 13, from ladycat713: Our little bearded man has all grown up.

Addendum: He is almost as adorable as that cat. OH MY GOD THEY KIND OF LOOK THE SAME. SQUEE.

Tweet 41: This ep proves two things: Chuck doesn't have to be about Chuck to be awesome and Chuck/Sarah drama was killing the first four eps #Chuck405

Addendum: Not that their relationship stuff was bad, but trying to make that the focus of the first four episodes was sooooo f'ing drainiiiiiiing. They figured it out this go 'round.

Reply Tweet 14, from ladycat713: I agree with the 1st part but not the 2nd. The shippy stuff was a little slow, tho. I'm hoping for an all out fight soon.

Addendum: I think an all out fight might give people S3 flashbacks and if anything could jeapordize a Season 5, it's that. Now that I've mentioned Season 5 I've given myself an amazing opportunity to talk about the big Chuck news that came out today. Holy crap we probably have a back nine you guys. How cool is that? When S3 kind of bombed and the S4 pickup seemed kind of "Okay fine whatever but this is the last time, you crazy kids" I was pretty much figuring Chuck to be 13 episodes and then cancelled. Then the Event and Chase and everything else on NBC started tanking and, sad as that is for some of those shows, I was kind of like wow this is cool for Chuck! Now we have 22 episodes, nearing on syndication levels, and the very real possibility that we'd be the only NBC show that held even remotely steady on Monday nights. To think this little geeky show could get to five seasons is pretty f'ing spectacular people. Let's all give ourselves a round of applause.


Addendum: It was also the best Fountain Talk since Season 2. No foolsies.

Tweet 43: #SarahConnorBitches #Chuck405

Addendum: Will I miss an opportunity to miss this hashtag? No. No I will not.

Tweet 44: Holy shit Sarah Connor shot John Connor. #GetIt #Chuck405

Addendum: I am crossing Terminator and Chuck over do you understand the joke nowHOLY CRAP CHUCKS MOM SHOT HIM WHAT IS GOING ON oh wait it's the Halloween episode with dreams and stuff.

Final Thoughts: So, last week I gave a big depressing, angry schpiel about how I didn't like the direction the show was taking and that the first four episodes all kind of hit one note for me, and that I didn't particularly care about that note. This episode, and I'm being 100% serious here, rectified EVERYTHING. Things felt risky! There was drama at the same time that there was humor! It all kind of blended together into something that seemed important to the show moving foward! It had a fountain talk! I don't know if I can say enough good things. Episode of the season thus far, people. No joke. As always, hit me back in the comments section.


  1. Anonymous19.10.10

    God, this make me wish I knew how to use twitter. This episode rocked! There wasn't enough Sarah for my taste (what I need my weekly Sarah fix), but still it rocked. Next week looks great too. Was a new writer writting this ep because he/she really got it?

    Oh by the way, it is very plausible that Casey could move his eyes but was otherwise paralysed. Everyone of us do so everyday, in our sleep. When you dream, a period called REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), your body becomes paralysed but your eyes are moving. Narcoleptics would tell you the same thing, when they experience cataplexy, their body becomes paralysed but they can move their eyes and understand what is going on around them. If they drugged Casey with something that simulate that particular aspect of REM sleep, then it would be completely realist for him to react to it like he did. Sorry, I'm kind of a neuroscience geek.


  2. ladycat71319.10.10

    The reason I want a fight is that a fight could bring up things simmering below the surface and work them out instead of letting them continue to bother them. Kind of like lancing a boil.

    In season 3 nothing really got brought up, it just stayed below the surface and there was fuming. By the time Sarah mentioned that he was changing she did so as a flaming hypocrite because she said he had changed and he was a killer yet she was leaving with the guy who gave her the order to give Chuck the order to kill.

    Between Sarah's running tendancies and Chuck's people pleasing habits (he takes all the blame on himself ) they are pretty bad about communicating any major problems.

    For instance, I think that if Chuck had gone to Sarah after the Fake Name and started with what the Hell?! , I begged you for years for personal info and he shows up and less than 2 weeks later you are telling him your name? What did he do to deserve the your trust in 2 weeks that I didn't in 3 years? Gas you and himself in such a dumb move that if I did it Beckman would threaten me with a bunker?!

    Even if he'd then walked off , it would have gotten Sarah to thinking and then we wouldn't have had to deal with that horrible mental picture brought up by the pile of receipts in living dead.

  3. Ayefah19.10.10

    I'm glad other people found this episode as delightful as I did. They FINALLY backgrounded the stupid relationship angst and got back to what they're good at - pop culture-savvy spy comedy with an occasional side of drama. Oh, and a long-term mystery that actually doesn't feel Fulcrum-style aimless or stupid. The gradual revelations about Frost have been done in a well-paced way, and I can't friggin' wait to finally get some answers about her next week.

    Even Chuck making unnecessary conversation during a mission was done well this time, because it was finally about something other than suitcases or rings but instead about a theme that's been threaded through the show from the start - whether you have the right to keep things from loved ones "for their own good", and when. It was so incredibly sweet when Sarah pretty much told Chuck to shut up and stop feeling guilty because she and Casey were choosing to be there for him. D'aaw, Team Chuck!

    This was also a good Morgan episode. Even though he was heavily used, he didn't feel overused as he has in the past few episodes. And Zachary Levi sold his reaction to Morgan's near-death experience really well.

    None of the scenes felt like a boring break from the real action. Jeff and Lester were used judiciously. Wah wah commitment suitcase blah blah blah talk was eliminated. The Frost mystery was moved forward very compellingly. And the show finally showed instead of just talking about how Casey is putting down roots. This is how S4 should be. Whoever wrote this one gets a gold star.

    Also, Adam Baldwin's eye-only acting is awesome. And hilarious.


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