Icons: Chuck vs. the Couch Lock

Chuck vs. the Cubic Z icons still to come (hopefully today, but I'm going on a very strange trip on Monday and working this weekend, so I really can make no promises at all!  Sorry!).

But here are a few from Chuck vs. the Couch Lock.  With...wait for it, waaaaait for it, Jeffster!  I KNOW!  I'm shocked, too!  They're after the break, and if you want one, you know the deal (save it and let me know).

Happy Friday!


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  1. Pemberley23.10.10

    Such cool icons from a cool episode. I took the Chuck and Sarah icons. The stormtrooper one is classic. That was one of my favorite bits from the episode.

  2. Anonymous23.10.10

    Thanks for the icons :D
    So many good pics... but I've borrowed the last cute one of Sarah & Chuck



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