Sneak Preview: Fates 42

Since I don't really have any huge surprises coming in the next chapter like I have for the past three, I'm going to post a couple of spoilers for 42 as I write it.  Exciting, right?  Here's the first one, just a little taste for all of you.  As you can see in the picture, there's a friendly face returning to Fates.  Time to face relationship fire, though...

“The gig’s in a couple of weeks, man, you should come. I can get you in on the guest list.” Morgan waggled his eyebrows. “You can bring your hot secretary.”

“You mean my girlfriend?” Chuck asked, and had the pleasure of seeing Morgan’s jaw drop. “And it’s office manager, by the way.”

“Wait a second, you’re doing your secretary? Isn’t that a little cliché?”

“One, it’s office manager,” Chuck said through his teeth. “Two, don’t talk about her that way, and three, I don’t think it’s cliché.”

Morgan was quiet for a moment as they finished walking out to Chuck’s car. “I guess it wouldn’t be cliché, not when she looks like—hey! Ow! What’s with the hitting?”

Another one of Sarah’s mannerisms he’d picked up, Chuck figured, but he still glared at his friend. It hadn’t been a hard punch to the shoulder, to be fair.

“Oh, right,” Morgan said. “I guess that makes sense. Well, either way, congratulations. But don’t hit me again. You know how easily I bruise, man.”

“I know, Morgan. I know. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,” Chuck said, and climbed into the driver’s seat.

Poor Morgan.  He hit a nerve!  

- Frea


  1. Ayefah21.10.10

    Does Morgan have a DJing gig? This can only end in hilarity. Yay! I kind of missed the guy what with how spy-centric the storyline became once Chuck went to Jill's apartment building. The little bearded man is always good for a little (ridiculous) outside perspective.

  2. Anonymous21.10.10

    Poor Morgan? Really? He had it coming, I say :p. Sarah's a lady and not some dirty secretary fantasy. Unless your name is Chuck, then I guess Sarah would be ok with playing dirty secretary for you. For some reason, this scene reminds me of the beginning of Role Models and I love the beginning of Role Models.

    I loved last chapter, especially since it came right on time for my birthday. I had a three hours statistic exam on that day and chapter 41 really did a good job cheering me up.

    Great work!


    P.S.: Does anybody know if Tally crashed along with her laptop? I'm getting worried here. It seems like we haven't heard from her in a long time.

  3. Ayefah - DJ Starr Killer will never die! :)

    Lily - Wow, happy belated birthday! I'm gonna pretend like I knew it was your birthday and that I posted the chapter on that day just for you, mmkay? ;) Tally's doing okay, she's got some writer's block, but she's performing tomorrow night, so let's all be really excited for her and send good vibes her way!

  4. Ayefah21.10.10

    Now I have a mental image of Sarah proposing a game of "dirty secretary" and Chuck turning beet-red and being completely and utterly mortified. Ha!

  5. Oh thanks, now I'm seeing that. Thanks I had to stuff my head into a freezer to prevent it from melting.

  6. Ayefah22.10.10

    Now you know how Chuck felt in the Heartbrake Hotel. Literally. :)

  7. I hear Heartbreak Hotel on the radio the other day and started laughing uncontrollably. I think it's fair to say, after blowing up Room 8's very special meth lab, I will never be able to listen to that song with a straight face again.

    And I may just be taking you up on your suggestion. You have been warned.

  8. How many times do you think Sarah will break Chuck in Fates? I'm sure she'll always have a little something new to melt his brain with.

  9. "Poor Morgan. He hit a nerve."
    You know, it's those little lines you drop that often mean the most. They're also some of the most difficult to decipher. So my mind goes 100 miles an hour wondering what it means and what you are going to do to these two (and us!) next. Hey, this isn't a bad thing. I wish every book I read did this.
    But this time my mind is going 200 miles an hour because before I read this, I looked at your updated guide to Fates. (aka - Fates For Dummies - like me) I've noticed that the Guide reports (minimizes?) events that are clear ("Sarah and Chuck have a conversation about where they would like the relationship to go.") and highlights some that might become more meaningful ~ like: "Before Bryce leaves, Chuck notices his regretful look out the window, at Sarah."
    Poor Morgan. He hit a nerve, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it is and the effect it will have.

  10. Anonymous22.10.10

    You mean chapter 41 was retrospectively posted for my birthday. Aww, I feel so touched. You know how to make a girl feel special :).

    Seriously, Fates Sarah might suggest playing dirty secretary for Chuck? You know I was joking when I said she would do it for him. The guy is going to suffer from permanent brain damage if she does that. Not to mention all the guilt ridden fantasy that will spur in him. That is just cruel Frea, to both Chuck and Sarah. The poor guy has had enough panick attack don't you think? And how is poor Sarah suppose to ever have sex with him if she let hyperventilate himself into a coma? Is there no limit to what you wil do to these characters? Lets not forget that I strongly suspect that mxpw will hold that chapter for "betaing" for weeks on end if you ever go there. You must be stopped!

    I'm glad to hear Tally is doing good. I'm sending good vibes to wherever it is she is. Writer's block is a pain so I'm sending her some good vibes for that too.


  11. Anonymous22.10.10

    Thanks for preview. I love getting previews as that gets me to pondering where Fates will go next. And speaking of Tally disappearing, what about MXPW. Is he EVER going to finish Bank Job???

  12. Ayefah22.10.10

    Hey, mx is busy betaing half the fandom and writing that Halloween fic. That's hardly disappearing.

  13. D'awww, Ayefah, thank you. You're my hero! *swoon*

    If you'd like to see some of what I've been working on the last few days, you could visit the top of the blog, where I did the debut post of a new writing column. I am also working on my Hallowhedon fic, and about a billion other stories.

    Thank you, though, Anonymous, for wanting to know what I've been up to. It's a nice feeling to be wanted. Heh.


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