What Fates Impose Chapter 39 Discussion Thread

 Hey, gang!  I've got a wedding reception to go to tonight and a wedding gift to buy this afternoon (wait til the last minute?  Moi?  To be fair, I forgot this wedding was happening at all...I'm very close to the bride as you can see), but I promised a thread to talk about the latest chapter of Fates.  So I'll kick things off.  Who caught the Covert Affairs reference?




  1. In another post, Old Darth asked about hints of the Intersect 2.0 coming into play in 39... OD, darling, you're skipping ahead. :)

  2. OldDarth2.10.10

    My bad - figured the Zarnow mentioning the new Intersect was a subtle bit of foreshadowing.

  3. Alris2.10.10

    I read that as referencing the intersect that (in canon) exploded killing graham

  4. "I thought you worked at the Smithsonian!"

    w00t! Go Annie Walker, one of my two favorite Walker girls, teehee!

  5. I was gonna say the Smithsonian line! Wepdiggy beat me to it :) Got to read the latest of WFI last night and of course leave it you to have Chuck & Sarah finally go on a date and get interrupted AHHHH...& before their first kiss, you're killing me...slowly. Anyway, I think its interesting but really adorable that Sarah would be the one to put so much thought into planning & making these sweet romantic gestures to create the perfect date-something the Chuck on the show would be the one doing. I can't tell you enough how much I love the way you write Sarah, I just hope Chuck repays the favor & shows her how smitten he is w/ her as well on date #2, & #3, #4...you get my point ;) I told u I'd love this chapter! Can't wait for the update, thanks again :)

  6. Sparky2.10.10

    Since this is a story discussion thread,i'm assuming it would be appropriate for me to ask this:

    What was the motivation for Sarah to ask for field work instead of staying with chuck when he was relocated to Burbank in WFI?

    Intersect 2.0 is a while away,it seems. By chapter 150?

  7. Anonymous2.10.10

    Chuck's geekiness about being in the Smithsonian is just adorable, but to say that I wouldn't geek out just a little would probably be an understatement =]
    And when he declares Sarah as an 'outgoing nerd' - priceless =D

    Just to mention a few things haha


  8. I had the same experience in the smithsonian Air and Space museum when I saw the real live Space Shuttle I almost fainted. My wife just rolled her eyes.

    It has moved and is even bigger now. I am talking RS-71, the freaking Yf-22 oh and the space shuttle. lol

    Okay I am sounding like Chuck. Very cool chapter.

    Now if Chuck would only kiss the girl already. lol

  9. Just in case you think I was kidding.


  10. Ayefah2.10.10

    The discussion of 39 might not be the right forum for this, but - 42% done on 40 already? Holy crap, woman, that's some fast writing. Which I appreciate highly. :)

    So....what do you all think Chuck did with his tracking watch? He seems to have a plan to save the day, but I'm not quite sure what it might be besides "get kidnapped in Sarah's place and wait to be tracked." Which doesn't exactly seem like a foolproof way to go.

  11. Does Chuck have a tranq gun. Why would he not just shoot Zarnov or have Sarah shoot him?

  12. Wep caught the reference while he was reading the chapter itself, I think, without me needing to say it was a CA ref. :) Oh, Wep and those wily, wily Walker women.

    Sake - Second date? After the disaster this first date has turned out to be, what makes you think they're getting a second date? :-P (Though, let's say they do--anybody have a guess what it might be?)

    Sparky - the guide says why Sarah requests the fieldwork vs. working with Chuck. Remember: she's thinking long-term vs a temporary solution. Good thing she underestimates Chuck at almost every turn. I'd say Intersect 2.0 by Chapter 70, hopefully.

    Mogget - Aw, I'm glad you liked it. I had a good time writing him as a nerd there, it was really easy after going to the Smithsonian website ("What can Chuck really nerd out about now? Oh, that looks awesome, Wikipedia!")

    Rac - Now that I'm much older than nine, I have a feeling that this is what happened with my parents. My dad's an aviation nerd and my mom isn't, but at the time I remember being too impressed by planes and the Enterprise (my parents are Trekkies) to have noticed a detail like that. Thanks for the pictures, they really do help spread the geekery around. :)

    Ayefah - Yeah, once I got past a certain point, the writing just flowed. I'm doing some heavy writing during October so that I can take November off to do Nanowrimo and still get everybody Fates chapters periodically, so we'll see a couple of chapters up to 100% before one might get posted on the progress bar. Which may be torture for everybody, but...yeah, still only human, despite the Cylon technology being implanted into my left leg as we speak.

    And Ayefah asked a really good question -- what DOES everybody think happened with the watch? Where did he put it?

    Rac - He had the tranq gun bothering the small of his back all through the Smithsonian. I don't think Zarnow would have let him reach for a gun, though...

  13. Argh, that's because Sarah will grab the gun. Cos she's totally shoving him in the back and she knows he's packing. So he doesn't need to reach for the gun. I know, I'm just making up the story but that's because I really can't wait for the next chapter. You are the master of cliffhanger endings!

  14. Anonymous2.10.10

    Isn't the tranq gun within reach of Sarah, since Chuck is standing in front of her? She could totaly shoot Zarnov with it before he shoots them. I mean she is Sarah Walker, what's more she is the Fates version of Sarah Walker.

    I can review the chapter here, right? I am not sure how smart of a review I can write because that chapter pretty much turned my brain to goo. I fangirled my way through it, I squeel, I aww, I smiled and I have not fully recovered from it yet.

    One thing I really loved (that is not about Charah being adorable) was Ellie. I love Ellie's motherly concern for Chuck. Plus, I was so happy to know for sure that Chuck wasn't dating Sarah because he felt like it was the right thing to do. I was a bit worried he might feel pressured to and they both deserve better than that. And anyway, I just love my Ellie scenes. You develop her character so much more than the show did and I am glad because she has so much potential.

    Oh, and that cliff hanger was cruel and you did not even give us a kiss yet! You tease! You cruel woman, you! But I see that you are steadily writting chapter 40, so I'll forgive you this time :p.

    On a side note, can you pressure mxpw into telling us where he is up to in his writting (and I mean all of it, not just DA)? Obviously he is an amazing beta, but he is an amazing writter too and I miss reading his work.


  15. Ayefah2.10.10

    A couple of things don't make sense to me about the "Sarah will grab the tranq gun" theory: First, a tranq doesn't take effect fast enough to prevent something small like the pulling of a gun trigger. It seems like too much of a chance to take. Second, it doesn't explain why Chuck hid his watch. Unless I'm being really oblivious to obvious answers to these objections. Which is always totally possible. :P

    And hm, a second date. I'm not sure they'll have time for that in D.C., given the way Frea is understandably trying to bundle the team out of there and back to D.C. So maybe they'll go to the dim dum place in "First Date" for their second date. Hopefully with no Mr. Colt this time around. (Oh, what am I thinking? If it isn't Colt it'll be Bryce or Tommy or something.)

    And now I really want to eat some dim sum. Argh, I'm hungry.

  16. OK I am going to sound like such a fanboy, but the reality is it doesn't matter if there is a cliffie or not in fates. I have yet to read a chapter where the little bar on the right side of the screen wasn't mocking me. That little bar, slowly moving down, keeps showing me the end is near, and I have to wait for the next chapter.

    So I saw the chapter coming to an end, but this time I knew it would be a wild ending. Why? Chapter 40 is coming. I have heard it will be epic.

    Btw I am still remembering my visit to the air and space museum. So does my wife. I doubt she will ever go into their again with me. Believe me I understand.

  17. Gah! This thread sucks. I know ALL the answers to all the questions, and I can't say anything! It's like this thread and everybody here is taunting me. Stop taunting me! I don't have that strong a will power.


    Oh and about the watch? Y'all are thinking too...like you. You gotta think like Chuck. And that's the only hint I'll give about the watch.

  18. Sparky3.10.10

    mxpw,did you just insult us :P

    IMO,Chuck gave or planned to give the watch to Sarah. Zarnow is after the gal who knows patient X.

    Frea,thanks for the answer.Chapter 70? Hm,earlier than expected. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing for readers :)

  19. Sparky3.10.10

    Another thing, Fates Sarah did bring a gun to their date.Though the intersect project is still active,so wouldn't blame her.

    And nice "it's not you,it's me" speech but Fates Sarah wouldn't stand for that :P

  20. I did like that they held hands throughtout and when the lost contact they wanted to rejoin hands. That is a huge step in their relationship. In the past they would touch and both get freaked out.

    I agree about the watch, first if Zarnov led on that Chuck had a watch with a GPS signal then he would have put 2 and 2 together and known that Chuck was patient X. Also if Sarah has the watch he can get Casey and they can rescue her. However now that Chuck is going to get shot might have to go with plan B.

  21. patty3.10.10

    Love the Smithsonian. Too bad Chuck can't get down to the basement gift shop and see the actual USS Enterprise prop from the classic series. Loved the chapter so much I almost drove up to DC yesterday to hang out at the Air and Space Museum. I can't beleive I forgot about the tranq gun Chuck's packing. Must be this stupid cold I have.

  22. Ayefah3.10.10

    If Chuck slipped the watch onto Sarah, why did he then block her from going with Zarnow?

  23. Sparky3.10.10

    Ayefah, because love makes you do stupid things? Or Sarah brings out the worst* in Chuck?

    *Yeah,being stupidly brave is one of Chuck's worst qualities.

  24. Ayefah3.10.10

    It's just that mxpw's comment has me thinking that we're all wrong, and since I'm using most of my brain power on (ugh) homework at the moment, I can't think of a way to really make the tranq gun, watch, and obstructionism on Chuck's part all fit into one really coherent plan.

    Hopefully at least on the second date he and Sarah will actually get to kiss at some point before the inevitable evil gunmen appear.

  25. Some of you are right and some of you are wrong.

    But let's move on a bit. Who wants to share their favorite part of the chapter? Mine is really the date, but more because Chuck was so impossibly nerdy, Sarah was so freaking happy, and Chuck made a White Nights reference. I mean, come on, that's automatic win right there.

    But absolute favorite singular moment? "Oh. Right." Chuck looked down at their joined hands. "Okay, one, two, three, break." He paused when nothing happened. "Uh, that means we let go now." Freaking saps. :P

  26. Anonymous3.10.10

    Chuck planted the watch on Zarnow. Just a wild guess. -jwr

  27. Chucks reaction to the museum reminded me of so many things, but I stopped reading and just smiled and enjoyed reading...
    When were people going to tell me I had a really hot girlfriend?

    That line right there it a great example of why I would like to be a Frea minion...Is there an application?

  28. Sparky3.10.10

    It's the little things.Sarah Walker not shutting down discussing herself,Casey not blowing the whistle on them-did he start to like his partners?-,Chuck finally realising his own feelings,etc.

    White Nights will always remind me of Dostoyevsky so can't say anything about that.

    Seeing how much Sarah cares about Chuck's interests is my favorite moment.-photographic memory-

    mxpw,can you share the # of chapters DA is gonna have :) And did you have a favorite character in Buffyerse?

  29. BDaddyDL - No application, really, just have access to Dr. Pepper and at the very least, you'll get in Frea's good graces.

    Sparky - I don't know for sure how many chapters DA will have, but it will probably end around 35 or so. Plus a fairly substantial epilogue.

    As for a fave character in the Buffyverse? Well, I always liked Xander a lot, he was probably my favorite. I liked Cordelia and Giles a lot too. Oz was great. Oh and I loved Wesley once he transferred over to Angel and was on that show.

    But back to 39, since it's a fun thing to speculate about, but what do you guys think they should do on their second date?

  30. Anonymous3.10.10

    If they even manage to get to go on a second date I think they should stay holed up in an apartment somewhere away from the public...

    And for those of you thinking I was talking about them doing something other then play Dungeons and Dragons or just watch a movie like Tron, well I guess you were half right.... =P

    But seriously, Chuck out in public just seems to cause trouble don't you think??


  31. Moggot, we're like totally on the same wave length about the 2nd date lol...I was thinking being holed up somewhere too. How long has been since Chuck has seen a girl naked? like 5+ yrs? good god he's gonna have one of his freakin panic attacks lol, it'll be interesting to say the least.

  32. Sake - Haha, you forget he saw Sarah naked in the shower during the Stanford arc. However, you are probably right that it's been 5+ years since he's seen anyone naked in...that way.

  33. mxpw-shit you're right! Can't believe that slipped my mind must be b/c that little scene happened like a yr ago :) But anyway, I meant it in THAT way. Can't wait to see how Frea handles that particular scenario w/ these two, could be comedy gold...if we ever get there ;). We have yet to witness a kiss so who knows -yeah you heard me Frea.

  34. Anonymous3.10.10

    my vote for the second date is that chuck takes the lead on planning it and it needs to involve some dancing. probably not a crowded club as that would be way too many people for our fateschuck. a nice picnic on the beach follwed by a dance by the ocean with his ipod as the sound system would be romantic, no? assuming they get back to burbank quickly. outside dancing seems a bit chilly in dc this time of year. maybe some private viewing of the american ballet theater that gwen (or casey!?!) helps him arrange? then again, perhaps digital dave is the more likely guy to help chuck plan this next outing...

    -- seaboji

  35. Sparky3.10.10

    Chuck will probably take Sarah dancing,yes. Captain Awesome maybe would teach him some moves :)

    Chuck is lucky these days,it seems. Seeing Sarah naked in Fates,seeing a model naked in canon...

    BTW,did you watch season 3 bloopers? Jeff and Sarah seem to do naughty things :)


    Brandon Routh shines there :P

  36. I think dancing might be too obvious - now Cabo on the other hand..........

  37. Sparky4.10.10

    How about dancing in Paris? Though,we are trying to run without having Chuck crawl. Probably the next date will be in Burbank. They may still go dancing :)

  38. Anonymous4.10.10

    I'm glad I'm not the only one, thinking about the whole being holed up thing, and thinking about the whole taking her dancing thing, you're forgetting about all the space he has up in his room, with that awesome view, and a computer right there for the music, need I say more. Now all we need to do is get rid of Casey.... hmm...

    Mogget =]


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