I Lied!

Isn't it annoying when I do that?  I was like, I'm gonna go away and do stuff, but then I thought of stuff to blog about!

Anyway, I got bored and I have chapter 49 sitting on my hard drive.  mxpw will be the first person to tell you that I get antsy if I sit on a chapter for too long.  But I don't want to post it yet. So...what is a girl to do?  Oh, that's right.  Contest!

In Chapter 50, I will be using two songs.  Not saying in what capacity or anything, just that they're both songs I like.  Since I know we're a bunch of music nerds and people seem to like Fates, I thought I'd offer it up as a contest.  So your contest:  Guess the song.

Song #1

  • I played it in marching band.
  • The singer's first and last name are both first names.
  • It's obscure, but when I think of this singer's name, I also think of a polka-dotted bowtie.  Take that how you will (it doesn't mean said singer actually wore a polka-dotted bowtie).
  • Said singer's name is used in the movie Dave.
  • The song was inspired by a case of mistaken identity.
  • It also may or may not make me think of Adam Baldwin's first movie.

Song #2

  • Has been used on Chuck, pretty early on.
  • I have met one of the singers (he has a place in Colorado).  I was taller than him (this is rare).
  • It is four years older than Song #1.
  • In the year it was released, it reached Billboard Hot 100 number one single.
  • I have two songs of this title on my computer, different songs by different singers.
  • Referenced in Scrubs episode My Bed Banter and Beyond.

I figure those clues are nice and vague!  First one to guess either Song #1 or Song #2 gets to read first three pages or so of Fates 49!


Happy Guessing!


PS — please keep one guess per song to each comment.


  1. #2 Maneater - Hall & Oates - 1982

  2. PS - the other version is by Nelly Furtado

  3. Big Kev20.7.11

    D'oh! I tweeted the answer for #2 but didn't post it on the blog! I'm slow sometimes...

  4. Okay, song #2 has been guessed. :) And yes, Nelly Furtado was the second song. :) Guesses should only be for Song #1 now.

  5. Cholitau20.7.11

    #1 Bob Dylan, It Ain't Me Babe?

  6. Excellent guess, but nope. :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. And that's not it, either. Sorry, Peter. Now be a good boy and let the others guess since you already won. ;)

  9. Paul Simon-You can call me Al

  10. Annnnnnnd we have a winner. Alana, go ahead and send me an email at right2befrea@gmail.com so that I can send you the pages. :)

  11. Awesome thanks so much


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