Reminder to Rewatch

Don't forget to join us here at Castle Inanity at 8 PM Central (9 Eastern, 6 Pacific) for the Fringe Rewatch 2011, where tonight, we'll be watching episode 1.03, The Ghost Network. We'll also have a chatroom for the viewing party go live at 7:30 Central, so make sure to check back here to chat away will all your Fringe Friends! Oh, and a quick reminder: You can watch the episode streaming on the WB website in the United States. Look forward to seeing everyone later tonight!



  1. It really would be sweet if we watched Fringe at a Drive-In. Mmm, with some In N Out. : D Whoohoo, FringeRewatch!

  2. Hah! Well I live in Chicago, so I'm gonna have to go with Super Dawg for my dive-in cuisine. Still, point taken. :)

  3. Thank you to everyone that joined us for the Fringe Rewatch. We'll resume watching Tuesday (because of the holiday in the United States) with episode 1.04, Arrival.


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