Temporary Site Maintenance

Hey all,

I've been using SugarSync to host all of the ebook files I've created, but unfortunately, they switched away from free accounts and I'm not willing to pay for an account that I don't really use all that much. While I work on an alternative, I'm going to deactivate my downloads page. I hope it have it back within a week.

Also, I'm having some technical difficulties with That Which is Greater: Winter Break. I'll let you know when Chapter 8 will be out.

Stay sexy!


  1. Anonymous7.3.14

    Hi Frea,

    Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully, this doesn't inconvenience you too much. Looking forward to all your future updates.

    1. Thanks, Nonny! It's not too much of an inconvenience, except I put the file I yanked off of the server somewhere else so I can't fix it this weekend. Or I could, but I'll lose all of my shortcuts. Whoops.


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