A Scenelet from 29

Since I didn't post a preview with 28, I've decided to post just a little bit of 29, which is still in the process of being named. This is a fun scene. Chuck and Sarah are running in the park on the day after Thanksgiving, and they're chatting about life, the universe, and everything.

Without further ado, your preview:

Beside him, Sarah cleared her throat. He glanced over. “What was up with Ellie yesterday?”

“Oh.” Had it been that obvious? “Um, right. She was displeased with me because I didn’t deliver the letter.”

“You wrote it?”

“Yeah, a couple nights ago. While playing ‘Call of Duty’ with Casey.”

Sarah’s stride slowed just for a second. “You got Casey to play a video game? Willingly? You didn’t have to break his thumbs or anything?”

“One, that would defeat the purpose, and two, yes. He had a good time once he figured out how to use the controller, too.” The memory made him grin.

Sarah seemed to take a minute to absorb that, staring at the ground as they ran along, switching from sidewalk to cedar-chipped path to cut across the park toward Chuck’s apartment. They would do another round of the park before their run was complete. “So that’s where you went yesterday? To deliver the letter?”

“What, you weren’t sitting at your computer, tracking my every movement?” Chuck smiled to remove the sting from his words.

“Ha.” Sarah let the silence fall again before she flicked a glance at him. “Why didn’t you deliver the letter?”

We'll find out probably Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

- Frea

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