Preview for Chapter 28

I didn't put one up on the end of What Fates Impose, so here's just a little snippet of the upcoming chapter, for those of you that follow my blog faithfully. :)

Chapter 28: Drafting (Name Subject to Change)

“Any luck?”

Chuck didn’t look up from the computer monitors in front of him, though his shoulders tensed a bit. “I’m sorry,” he said, crankiness flavoring every syllable so deliciously that he enunciated more than usual, “did you happen to hear me shout ‘Eureka’ or something? Because I must have missed it myself.”

In the doorway, Casey’s smirk grew so loud that Chuck had to look up from his desk. “So…no, then?” Casey asked.

Chuck scowled. “Yes, no. Don’t you have guns to clean?”

“Always. This is more fun.” Casey crossed his arms over his chest, his smile broadening. He wore the G-man suit today, but since Chuck hadn’t flashed on any immediate threats in the LA area, he’d been stuck in the office all day. Which made it only too understandable that he would be haunting Chuck’s office right now. Outside of stakeouts, Casey didn’t handle boredom well—or at all, really. And he’d learned early on that a frustrated Chuck was a source of hours of entertainment. He grunted now. “Maybe we should give this to the boys down at the home office at the DNI. Seems you’re not nerd enough for the situation, Bartowski.”

“I’ll have you know, I worked three years in a row on the winning solar car that my fraternity brothers and I built,” Chuck said before he realized that he was essentially walking into a trap.

Indeed, Casey’s smirk broadened. “Nerd,” he snorted, and walked away whistling, mission accomplished.

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  1. OldDarth18.6.10

    Casey and Ellie head butting seems inevitable.


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