review - 3.10 - chuck vs. the tic tac

Tonight's episode rocked. We got Chuck kicking butt (even if it was a little contrived that he would have to take a pill to do so when the Intersect has handled six armed guys with no problems before), we got Casey kicked butt (I still say Robert Patrick looked like Brian Kraus during the fight), we got Sarah kicking butt, but best of all, we got teamwork again. I have missed the teamwork so much, and it only seems to happen whenever Shaw's not around. Don't believe me?

Best Casey/Chuck teamwork of the season, post-Shaw? Chuck Vs. the Mask, when they rig up the dupe mask with a smoker. Shaw's still in Castle at this point.

Best Casey advice of the season? When Chuck goes off-mission and calls Casey from the plane in Chuck Vs. First Class, Casey tells him to get taken.

Best Chuck/Sarah teamwork of the season, post-Shaw? Working together to break into the subterranean (the arrow? BRILLIANT) CIA holding facility to break Casey out. Second place is when Shaw gets benched in "Mask" and the two have a snippy conversation about Hannah while attempting to steal the mask. Dangling in midair? Beating guys up? Tension? Heck yeah.

I really hope that now that Casey's a civilian, he comes out with the fact that he loathes Shaw just as much as the rest of us. Since Shaw came along, the only explosion Casey's been around wasn't caused by him.

Bah to that, I say.

Sarah is currently getting massacred at the Google Groups forum and while I see their point, YS is playing the role of Sarah so well that I actually feel a great deal of sympathy for her. Chuck broke her trust at the beginning of the season and she's not the most emotionally balanced person, so I get that it's going to take time to get our heroes and heroine on the same foot. But if Devon can put his faith in Chuck again, Sarah can, too. She should out-awesome Awesome. Talk about fun.

All right, now is the time for my insane theory of the week--Sarah's playing Shaw. That's what she and Beckman talked about on the plane back to DC. It's suspected that the guy is actually tied in with the Ring (how else is he suddenly the CIA's number one expert on an organization they'd never heard of until the season finale?), and Sarah's being super-spy Sarah to get in close with him.

It's purely wishful thinking at this point, but there HAS to be a twist. There HAS to be.

And Chuck accidentally burning Casey in the beginning of the episode? Made me laugh until my sides split. Then Sarah's taking his gun away nearly made me cry. Casey/Sarah -- One True Partnership.

- Frea

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