Slightly Drunk And Hopped Up on Sugar

Went to Wal-Mart tonight meaning to buy ice cream.  80 bucks later, I had some Smirnoff and an excellent night in store.  Damn, I wish that hobo hadn't robbed me of 66 bucks in the pasta aisle, but you win some, you lose more.

Anyway, mostly I'm posting because I'm curious about everybody's reactions to the end of Chuck vs...Whatever Episode This Was that Played Tonight.

Seriously, what'd you guys think?  Feel free to give your true opinion, just don't bash other commenters!




  1. I hope it was 80 because of the 66 bucks the hobo stole and not the crappy Smirnoff =P.

    I was intrigued. I didn't really expect the tie in to the Morgansect at all given the shows throw away mentality for continuity.

    Macfayden feels like a good addition for a villain, could be good casting? We shall see. Cool that they are actually tying the story together, but I don't really see still how it was meant for him before Bryce stole it(Open ended explanation of sorts.)? Regardless some continuity for the show is nice.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Sarahsect(It's nice though to see Sarah being a spy again, and to see her out of that neutral role.), not sure how she's so adversely impacted by the intersect so early on? Maybe they were able to build a governor for Morgan before he started using it full on? Confused about that part, from what Stephen/Orion said it appeared the governor at least needed to be changed for the version if not for the person(Though Shaw used Chucks.). Wouldn't Sarah be able to use whatever governor Morgan or Chuck used?

    So yeah lots of open ended stuff for me on Chuck as usual. I could like next week or hate it. I thought this week was good though, nice pace, and enough humor with the Jeff/Lester/Mike/Buy More stuff while still having an edge. Well balanced episode with few holes!

    I'm surprised they mentioned Bryce after banishing him from the lore in 'Baby' =P.

    I'm sure your more opinionated then myself on how you'll feel about next week Frea.

  2. I loved the ending. Loved seeing Sarah kick ass and the Intersect finally realize its destiny - to be in the brain of a trained agent (I don't count He Who Must Not Be Named cause he's a tool and the Gretas were too robotic). We get to see it work at its full potential. Plus, I think it's in character for her to download the Intersect if she must because we know she will do anything of save Chuck.


  3. I felt the same way Quistie, those were my pros for the Intersect for me. Though I do hope Sarah using it and the side effects(Maybe she uses it a LOT?) finally bring some light to why Chuck seemed to handle it better than everyone else?

    Who knows.

  4. singlewalkrun14.1.12

    I wasn't thrilled with it. But that may have been affected by my dislike of adding an extra mini Act to the episode when this week's story already felt wrapped up. I'm tired of having the writers insist on throwing a cliffhanger in each week to set up the next episode. I miss the days when this week's episode would end this week and next week's episode would start next week. But I'm getting off topic...

    I realize I'm supposed to believe that uploading the Intersect was Sarah's only option, but I don't think I was fully convinced of that. I started groaning the second she took cover behind the crate. I was thinking, "Oh, god. She's gonna... Is she really gonna...? Yep, she did." The whole situation just felt forced.

    But I will admit that the last kick right in frame looked really cool.

  5. I called Sarah getting the Intersect one minute after the first commercial block, so I wasn't too surprised to see it happen. Loved the action scene, it was pretty cool to see Sarah actually winning again. Breath of fresh air. Aside from that, I'm not really too pleased with the way this is turning out but I'm reserving judgment until I see the rest. We've been barely given any info. Bullet Train will have to prove whether this is a good idea for the big finale or a bad one.

  6. Henry14.1.12

    They gave it away in last week's preview: when they first mentioned the Intersect glasses, remembering Casey screaming "Walker, NO!", I just had to wait and see "when", not "what" or "how"...
    The episode had some great moments, especially with Jeffster and the Vail Buy More, but the story... But I am still confident, and I will be until the end (or until they prove me wrong...)

  7. Tying in Sarah's intersection with Yvonne's recent comments about the finale, anybody worried where the show seems to be headed?

    With a potential memory loss coming up it seems Chuck is poised to do what many people are accusing Fringe of doing this season and wiping out all the previous seasons of character growth.

    Sarah Walker could end up becoming Sarah St. Elsewhere.

  8. Unfortunately, I find myself in agreement with Old Darth's comments (not unfortunate that it's Old Darth, just his thoughts). Yvonne's "slightly tragic" interview heard round the world, plus "Chuck vs Sarah" as the title for episode 5.12, makes me think Sarah is going to have problems with the Intersect that will lead to either memory loss, fighting with Chuck, or both. Undoubtedly, the writers will pull the rabbit (frightened or robo?) out of the hat by the end of 5.13 to leave us with a gooey ending, but the next two episodes are likely to be frustrating.

  9. In the hands of any other group of writers I'd be OK with the story but I expect a train wreck these next two weeks especially the finale.

  10. Anonymous14.1.12

    i posted on 6 jan 2342 on another blog the following comment. sarahs bravest decision yet = intersect. so it was no shock to me. i'm also in the camp that i feel memory loss is coming. this direction to me makes no sense this late in the game but it's not my show. wiping out years of growth and development then leaving the possibility open for them to rekindle what they had is weird to me. we'll see where it goes.


  11. Anonymous14.1.12

    I liked that Sarah got an Intersect but I'm really not looking forward to the problems that are going to arise because of it. I think I'll probably just wait and watch all three final episodes at once rather than watch next weeks and then have to wait a week to get resolution. Like JC, I'm expecting a train wreck coming up.

    And if everyone is right and this Intersect is going to lead to memory loss, fighting with Chuck, or whatever, I'm curious where this is supposed to come from. The reason we were given for that happening to Morgan was that Decker had tampered with the glasses in an attempt to hurt Chuck. Why would the glasses that Bo Derek and Braveheart guy had do the same?

    Also, I didn't like that they tried to tie this new villain to Bryce, Fulcrum, the Ring, etc. The show was obviously never planned out that far in advance and it annoys me that Fedak is trying to pretend like everything has been related this entire time. I hated it when he did it with Decker and I hate it now. I do like the casting of the Braveheart guy as a villain though.

    Honestly, at this point, I just can't wait for these final three episodes to air and the show to be off air. I have absolutely no faith in Fedak to run a consistently good show at this point and dread episodes more than anything else. On one hand, I loved to see Sarah with the Intersect kicking ass. It was fantastic. But instead of focusing on that, I'm bracing myself for what is to come and that is no way to watch a show.

  12. Anonymous14.1.12

    What the frak, they gave Sarah intersect?! I haven't seen the ep yet, and now I am wandering if I should. Maybe it's better to live the show, before I lost the remaining sympathy for it (and there's not much left).


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