New Download Alert!

Another quick note:

I've expanded the Downloads page of the blog yet again to include an awesome story by JoelToTheD!  That's right, you can pick up Kill Jill for your reading pleasure.

Rating: A very elastic T, according to Nysa.
Description: Chuck and Sarah's vacation is cut short by the arrival of certain brunette from Chuck's past. Chuck freaks, Sarah sharpens her knives, and Casey sits back and smirks.

Rave reviews: "Love your writing and this chapter is no exception. Chuck needs a whack to the head, though." - AgentInWaiting

"omg! :') i love this chapter please update soon!" - yovis

See?  You need to pick up this book right now. Download it here.


PS - Spies and Nerds is on a temporary break while I finish up the last three chapters of Fates and quistie64 works on Sound of Music II.


  1. Anonymous28.4.12

    3 chapters left? oh my

  2. Awesome! Thank you.


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