What Fates Impose Ebook!

The What Fates Impose ebook is shiny and ready for your reading pleasure on the downloads page. This isn't the annotated one I promised (that will take awhile), but it has all 68 chapters, hopefully with the proper quotes and everything.

- Frea


  1. Awesome!

    Much thanks.

  2. Anonymous13.5.12

    I hate to even bring this up with all the work you have done to bring us this awesome story, but it appears that the .mobi version currently published does not contain the full book.

    Thanks so much for sharing this work with us. I can't wait to read it straight through from the beginning.

  3. Anonymous13.5.12

    Sorry, my bad. Guess I need to learn to work a Kindle...

    However, the compliments still stand...

  4. Anonymous26.5.12

    This is great! You're the best Frea.

  5. Anonymous31.5.12

    Fantastic, thank you for your work and your incredible talent:-). I really hope you and the other great writers of this side will continue to amaze us, but anyway from germany a big Danke!!!!

  6. I just plowed through all of WFI in the last two days, and most of the peripheral stories today on fanfiction.net. Easily the best stories on the site. I hope you'll make a version with all the extra stories in them, lots of excellent details in those.

    Loved the Wingman too.


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