Monday Updates #2

It’s Monday!

...that should probably never be said with excitement, huh? Well, even so, it is Monday, which means if you’re reading this, you’ve survived the weekend, or you’ve got really good wi-fi in whatever part of heaven or hell you ended up in. I guess if you’ve got eternity, that might be a good time to read my blog.

First off, a personal note—today was my grandpa’s birthday, so happy birthday, Grandpa! (Yes, I was ornery enough not to be born on my grandpa’s birthday. I was also the first grandchild on that side, so my mom always gives me crap for waiting a day and not being the most awesome birthday present ever) Here’s to one of the best men I’ve ever known.

Okay, with that bit of depressingness out of the way, time for some links, news, and other minuteia that I’ve gathered over the past week.

First off, I joined a writing community on LJ and wrote my entry for it. I was tired, so I wrote Chuckfic instead of spending 150 words describing my original character, plus the idea of what might have gone into Casey’s early reports about Chuck’s suitability for the Intersect cracks me up. I feel bad for the poor analyst who had to read all of those files. Oh, who am I kidding? It was probably Stanley Fitzroy (that means son of a king, you know), so I don’t really feel all that bad. You can read that on my Livejournal right here.

Pontus asked me if I thought the show should’ve been called Sarah. As much as Yvonne Strahovski would rock her own show, I said no.

Speaking of people that rock, I added another scene to my Carina & Natasha Romanoff join up and cause trouble together story.

Nanorwrimo is still hurtling toward us as fast as it can get here, and no, I’m not 100% sold on what I’m going to write. But I hung out with a bunch of writers this weekend, and they gave me some great writing tip links. Without any order:
Halloween’s coming. You should do yourself a favor and read atlee’s awesome The Buy More of the Bloodcurdling to get yourself in the mood!

Joss Whedon’s birthday present is to me is Dr. Horrible on Primetime TV tomorrow night. If you haven’t, you should listen to the commentary track here. This is my favorite song, Nathan Fillion being Nathan Fillion at his finest:

On that note, back to your regularly scheduled Monday. I’m told Yvonne’ll be on Dexter next week. What an awesome thing.

- Frea

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