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Congratulate me, I’m some kind of fandom boogey-monster. About eighteen months ago, a story was posted with a similar storyline to mine (different climate, though), which was fine until they outright took whole paragraphs from my story, To Resist Both Wind and Tide). I asked for either attribution or removal of those paragraphs. Instead, the author pulled the entire story down without an explanation to her fans. She told me that she didn't think it was such a big deal because it's just fanfiction.

Later, she returned: the story had been updated, the paragraphs removed, but…the plot was just too familiar for me. After messaging the author privately, I said something publicly along the lines of “I hope the plot is changing soon because I’m uncomfortable with this. You said that you were planning to change the direction of your plot, so I hope that’s soon.” Given that this person had already outright plagiarized my work, I feel like this was understandable. In reply, the person told me again, “It’s just fanfiction!” and yanked the story down, again without an explanation.

I didn’t ask the story to be removed. I didn’t report the story. I asked readers not to get involved because I didn’t want a war. People on the message boards blasted me, others boycotted my stories, so on and so forth. I got a couple of angry messages, one from somebody named missupertigz who went on to start writing in the fandom with messages along the lines of “if my writing sparked an idea, then go ahead and write it because to the people who think chuck belongs to only a small group of people – your wrong (sic).”

Well, turns out that story is still going on behind closed doors. You can PM MsRomanceWriter’s ff-net name and get access to it, if you like. Have at it. I chose not to speak up in my own defense when the story was pulled and I wonder if that was the wrong decision. Maybe it was, but I didn’t want to sling mud at MRW. Mostly, I want people to know that I didn’t have anything to do with the story being pulled. I know it’s my word against hers, but it was the author’s choice to pull it both times. I didn’t make any threats or demands.

And that’s all I really have to say about it.



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    Thank you for posting this explanation. I had seen that story when it was first posted and then wondered about its disappearance and then heard a few stories about what was going on. I'm sorry that some fans have been rude to you (as evident by the earlier comment). It is possible to complain AND be courteous. But I have no complaints and I have no comments other than to say that I'm sorry that some fans have been rude to you.

  4. Oh! The earlier comment is a friend of mine, I promise (we were chatting at the time she commented, even). She doesn't actually mean that at all. We're just messing with each other.

    And thank you for the sympathy. I probably could have saved myself a lot of grief by posting this when it actually happened. At least my side of the story would have been out. :)

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    I remember reading that story when it was first posted and as I was reading I thought it sounded very familiar to one of yours. I don't think people understand that even though it is fan fiction and isn't to be taken too seriously, they are still intellectual property to the author. I sympathize with you. It's sad to see that others are stealing just to get a little bit of attention. Regardless, everyone still know you're the talented one.


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    A boogey-monster who writes really awesome stories?

    I've seen this story mentioned, but I don't think I ever read it... I didn't pay too much attention to Chuck fics until the show's disappointing ending made me seek comfort from them (I should have started sooner, I love a good AU fic).

    Anyhow, sorry to hear about some folks giving you a hard time about it.


  8. Jam, Guacamole, thank you for the support! I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner; I had a busy week and then I went away for the weekend, but I do appreciate the support and the kindness everybody's shown to me over here. Jam, I'm a little envious that you came so late to the fandom, actually. You get to read all of the great stories at once, if you choose! :)

  9. Completely late to this, but I believe I have the right ecards for this. :)

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    Does it really count as a boycott if they are reading the plagiarized version of your stories behind close doors?

    Mobi Cobbult


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