eBooks, Updates, and Greater Sneak Preview

Great news first!

I’ve updated the That Which is Greater ebook on the Downloads page so that it’s now complete, with all 13 chapters, and the updated cover (which I think was on the last version of the ebook, too. I’ve got this stripey motif through all of the Greater stories and I’m still deciding on a color for Carina).

In addition, I have started to port all of my hosted ebooks from mediafire to sugarsync, which I just like and trust more. In doing this, I’ve realized how wonky some of the formatting on my first files is. Basically, I learned as I went by making these ebook files, which was an evolving process. Anyway, the point is: I’ve updated some books. Not all of the books, but some. They are:
  • Chuck vs. the Simple Twist of Fate
  • Chuck vs. the Fight
  • Chuck vs. the Fight: New Year’s Eve Edition
  • Sarah vs. Covers, Lies, and Ticking Time Bombs
  • Sarah vs. the Ugly Truth
  • And more to come…!
It’s going to be a long process and I don’t want to devote too much time to it. Next up on my list are malamoo’s works and ne71’s. I’ll also leave the original copy of Chuck vs. Fulcrum on the blog even though he’s updating for the sequel (and I’ll convert that copy over as well). Also, if there’s an ebook you want, let me know and, provided the author is okay with it, I’ll host it here on the blog.

Awesome news!

I’m almost done with the second chapter of That Which is Greater: Carina’s Story (working title). The first chapter is complete and it has some of the cutest Violet/Sarah in the entire ’verse, mostly because Violet’s not going to be in 60% of the story (please don’t give me trouble for that—Chuck and Sarah need some adult time without the four-year-old underfoot. It’s a family story, but it’s also a romance). I was toying with the idea of beginning to post on Monday, but I’ve got two other projects calling my name, plus I have to impress some people at my day job if I want to keep it. (speaking of which: if anybody knows of someplace that’s hiring somebody with excellent writing, graphic design, and web development skills, let me know!). Anyway, I’m not going to post stories until they’re complete from now on. It cuts down on some of the fun interaction with the fans along the way because I have to keep what I’m writing under wraps, but it’s a sacrifice I have to make.

Luckily, you’ll see a big story from me in August and another one in September. I can’t blab about the latter one, but the former is a work of love.


Want a preview of the Carina story?

I hope you said yes because HERE IT IS:

“Can you do my hair like Princess Leia in the movie?” Violet asked once Sarah had tied off the braids.

Sarah hadn’t actually been paying close enough attention to know who Princess Leia was, but there only seemed to be one woman a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. And she had a silly hairstyle, in Sarah’s opinion.

“Why don’t I wrap it around your head, like a crown?” she asked. It would look far less ridiculous than cinnamon buns on the sides of Violet’s head.

“Mm, okay.” Violet tilted her head back again. She were sitting on the floor because there was more room for her to sprawl out that way, her back resting against Sarah’s shins. “Princess Leia has it like that in the ’Woks movie. She looks really pretty. Am I going to look pretty? My hair’s not really brown, Aunt Ellie calls it sandy, so it’s not brown like hers or Princess Leia’s or blonde like yours. I wish my hair was blonde like yours.”

“Someday, Clairol may be able to help you with that.” Sarah couldn’t stop the smile that hit, full-force. “But that’s a long way away. And I like your hair. It’s curly. I’d love to have naturally curly hair.”

Violet’s eyes went wide, like she couldn’t possibly believe that. “But your hair was curly last night.”

“You,” Sarah said, tapping her on the tip of the nose because it just seemed to be the thing to do, “have a good memory. I did that with a curling iron.”

“Oh, Aunt Ellie does that.”

“And I bet she looks great.”

“The greatest.” Violet seemed to shiver or shudder, and Sarah wondered again just how much sugar Chuck had given her that afternoon. Perhaps some of it was just natural excitement, though really, she wanted to tell the child she was nothing special.

On the screen, the main character was attacked by a man with a papier-mâché face. Sarah squinted for a second, trying to figure out what was going on, decided she didn’t actually care, and focused on Violet’s hair again. “Hold still, this part’s tricky,” she said when Violet twitched again.

“It tickles!”

“Oh, oops. Here, let me—” It was difficult to reach the angle she needed to twist the hair into the crown over Violet’s forehead. She huffed out a breath and simply pulled Violet into her lap, to make it easier.


  1. Anonymous7.8.13

    Wonderful stuff! But then, any Frea Chuck writing is wonderful stuff! Can't wait to see the story!

    1. Aw, thanks. Hope you like, it should be out in October.

  2. Anonymous20.8.13

    I can't wait till you publish this story. I love this universe.


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