Another One Bites the Dust

Hey all!

Happy April, 11 days in. Have you seen Captain America 2 yet? I’ve seen it twice and will probably go as many times I can before it’s out of theaters because Natasha. And Sam. And I guess Steve, too. But mostly Natasha and Maria, let’s be real here.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve knocked another work off the ye olde in progress works list (found here). That’s right, That Which is Greater: Winter Break is complete, leaving us with two stories left to be told in that universe. I’ve updated the FAQ accordingly. You can also download the ebook right here in all of the usual formats.

And here’s a list of current works in progress and where I stand on all of them:
  • That Which is Greater Winter Break: Finished as of yesterday
  • Badass Altitude III: on hold until I get more of an idea about what kind of villain is holding their missing team member and how often I want Natasha to cockblock Oliver and Felicity
  • Curtain Call: still on hiatus. I will tell you when I'm working on it again.
  • Mrs. Cupid 03: I have about 800 words written. Will update when I'm actively working on this chapter. I don't really have a plot for this one, so it's slow-going.
  • That Which is Greater Carina Story: I cut off a major piece of this plot, so I went from about 20% done to 60% done. Will update when I'm working on it.
  • Guide Us Home: Slowly working on hating Matthew less so I can finish this, but prognosis does not look good.
  • Publishing an actual novel or two: your guess is as good as mine.
So yeah, there you have it. More news when I get it, enjoy the ebook, and I’ll see you soon!


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