So, funny story:

I had it in my head that April Fool's Day was Wepdiggy's birthday, which I thought was appropriately apt and fitting.  But the thing is, I don't celebrate April Fool's Day, as I prefer people not to know when I'm pranking them, so I didn't do this design yesterday, as I didn't want people to think it was a prank.  However, the joke was on me, because it is actually today that is Wepdiggy's birthday.


What can I say about the fantastic Wepdiggy that his mug shot from his birthday party last night can't?  Not much, but I've now officially known him for around a year, and I'm glad to have met him!!  His friendship, his witty contributions, his awesome way of looking at life, his writing, and just the fact that he is everything you think he would be and more...all of that?  Makes him pretty great.  So here's to you, you fantastic fish.  I've decorated the blog just the way I feel it should be decorated on your big day (aka, I've 'cocked it all up for you!), and I'm sorry that I didn't have time to write you that epic Adorable Psycho story, The 405 Gets Plowed Again.

Happy Birthday, Wep, from all of us here at Castle Inanity!  You've never looked so good for 58!




  1. I adore this. I really do. Sarah would've made an EXCELLENT Carolina girl. But then, she'd make an excellent any type of girl, I suppose.

    Anyway, thank you so much, Frea! I'm going to get cheesy now, but your friendship is better than any birthday wish I could ask. Except maybe a new car. So if anyone is willing to give me a new car, you might beat Frea out, but if not, she wins. :)

  2. mxpw2.4.11

    Happy birthday to Wep, happy birthday to Wep, happy birthday to--

    Huh? Oh, I was supposed to be singing the song but Yvonne is just so damn distracting. That was one of the few happy memories from S3. Where was I?

    I...can't...stop...staring. I'm sorry, Wepdiggy, I know it's your birthday and all, but Yvonne is finally back on the blog again. You are kind of immaterial when compared to that.

    I'll try to get this out of the way before I get too distracted again. Happy birthday, man. I've known you longer than Frea has (neeener neeener, Frea) and you were probably the first person I really got to know in this fandom. It's been an honor to know you and also a bit frightening as I've seen how your mind works. You've been a good friend and our conversations have provided hours of entertainment.

    I hope you have a great birthday, that you meet your own Yvonne clone some day soon, that you enjoy some gourmet cupcakes, and have a great weekend!

    Now back to drooling over, I mean, admiring Yvonne.


    I've known you longer than Frea, too, but not as long as mxpw...I think. Maybe? No, probably not as long as mxpw. I think I've known Justin the longest out of everyone in the CIA. Yes. This is correct.

    ...Oh, right. Your birthday. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had an awesome one so far. I know we don't talk too much, but I still consider you a great friend who I can always have the best random conversations with. :) I would buy you a new car, except for the fact that I barely have enough money to get me through school, soooo...I give you my friendship instead. Cheesy, but you love me for it!

    Have a good one, Wep. You rock our socks off.

  4. Happy bday,

    Mr Diggy......and many more

  5. Ayefah2.4.11

    Happy birthday, Wep!

  6. Never though I would say this but I love the gamecock's emblem.

    Just for your birthday, a tad late, I hope you had a great Birthday.
    Geaux Cocks Geaux

    (yes it was painful)


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