Hot Off the Presses!

Hello, all!  If you haven't been following me on Twitter, you probably missed out on the rather fun mashup I just created of "People Magazine," Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Curtain Call, but hey, you can view it here.

Orrrrrrrrr.... you could download the Curtain Call ebook.  That's right, get it right here!

And that's not all we have for you today.  I've gone and created an ebook of quistie64's Chuck vs The Ninja Librarian and I also decided to share my working copy of Romeo and Juliet with the world. Yes, I keep ebook versions of all of my works in progress, why do you ask?

Chuck vs. The Ninja Librarian

Romeo and Juliet But Without Teenagers or Death...Well, Okay, Some Death

Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday, wherever you are!  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our Fringe Rewatch.  Season One is almost over, the show's gained its focus, and we'll be having a chat at the regular time on the blog!

— Frea


  1. Speedhoven31.8.11

    That's simply Awesome!

    I loved reading New Car again and will definitely love giving Ninja Librarian another go. So thank you for all the great ebook conversions. Have you ever thought of doing the same for any of BillAtWork's stories? I got the PDF's from Bill but the missing covers are bugging me. What program do you use the make/convert the ebooks? I think I could try to at least make some sort of covers for the books that I've converted by myself.


  2. The cover is fanatstic!

    Thanks for all the work you put in to these projects and the site itself

  3. Speedhoven, I haven't made any Bill stories because...I haven't read any Bill stories. But if somebody wants to get me permission to host them from Bill, I'm sure I can format his stories pretty easily. I won't be able to make him personalized covers because I don't like make covers unless I've read the story and know what it's about.

    As far as my conversion process, I use Word, Open Office, Text Edit, and Calibre. :)

    Dnm, you're very, very welcome. And thanks! :)

  4. Anonymous1.9.11

    Haha, that is a very cool cover! Great Work. - Michelle

  5. Thanks a lot for the eBooks, and the cover looks really great. :)


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