Where the Frak is the CIA?

Subtitle: What's going on with the blog?  And, oh yeah, that one story?

One of the following is true:

A)  Frea was kidnapped by aliens, who forced her to watch Cowboys and Aliens and give them her honest opinion.  Unfortunately, it didn't end so well.  For the aliens, that is.

B) Frea and Maximus (and other assorted members of the CIA) got smacked in the face with real life.
Frea is in the process of launching her own business, taking classes, and working full time, on top of maintaining a strict gnome-grooming schedule and being at the mercy of the alien space overlords—oops, she means Boston Terriers.  She was found crushed under one last week; thankfully somebody commissioned a Freabot to try and finish Fates by Chuck's birthday, who has kindly been filling in for her.
Maximus just came off of a very difficult semester full of classes that he's mostly been using to taunt Frea, including naming half of the muscles in Sarah's back during random Fates betas (to be fair, that only happened once).  His final exam involved dead bodies.  And much to Frea's disappointment, not the scattered corpses of his enemies.
Chris, as far as we can tell, has joined the Navy SEALs and is on a personal vendetta against Conan O'Brien (we didn't ask) having to do with some band Frea has never heard of.
Crystal has been eaten by a gru.  In Hawaii.  She will be missed.
Wepdiggy has been eaten by a gru. In Chicago.  He will be mocked.
So that's what's up with the blog lately.  Scheduled entries into Curtain Call and What Fates Impose might be late for the foreseeable future.  We appreciate your patience.




  1. Anonymous7.8.11

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  2. Love your work. Life comes first see you soon we hope.

  3. Hank7.8.11

    Hey, it's a LAZY summer serial, right? Ya gotta have priorities.

  4. I can't believe this I wa.....
    (Michael66 hands me a paper with 1 sentence on it)
    Ye ok so its been 8 months since I've updated my story, and it will only be chapter 10.
    Ummm never mind.


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