A Change to the Blog

Hey all,

 Previously I had the entirety of Curtain Call and Romeo and Juliet But Without Teenagers or Death...Well, Okay Some Death posted under the fanfiction tab, but that was messy. Instead, you’ll find links to those in the fanfiction chart. I have added Previous and Next links to each chapter in the blog to enable easy navigation. Of course, it’s probably easiest to just download, you know, the ebooks from the page.

In addition, I have completed the Ultimate Fates Guide with color coded table cells, listed by date. That is located underneath the fanfiction tab.

And if you’re curious about how I’m doing with Nanowrimo, the answer is completely ambivalent and about 5k behind, so good times all around!

Happy Monday!



  1. Completely ambivalent? Please say it ain't so Frea.

    I have been crazy busy with boring work stuff & am a bit out of the loop on important things - like twitter, tumblr etc - and really have nothing to say about anything except work, and recovery after the #IHadToHaveAnOilLeakInMyHomeHeatingOilTankAfterPuttingIn200GallonsAndTheMessItCausedInTheHouseRightBeforeLoosingElectricityAndAllTheGreatThingsItPowersForEightDaysAsAResultOfSandy.
    But I do think about NanoAndYou. Hope you find yor 'bivalence!

  2. Oh, completely ambivalent, but it's okay. I'm not to the point of hating things. I just sort of want to dance around with my fingers in my ears singing, "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care."

    I'm glad that things are getting back on track for you because that sounds like absolutely no fun at all. Another friend in New Jersey was without power for a few days, but it wasn't compounded by an oil leak (which sounds absolutely no fun). I can't even imagine, though. I've been keeping you in my thoughts because I saw stuff on Twitter. You haven't missed much on Twitter/Tumblr (Disney bought Lucasfilm, I released an ebook short story, Yvonne got naked a bunch of times with Dexter and will probably try to kill him, also I'm pretty sure there was an election or something), I promise. ;)

  3. Anonymous14.11.12

    Easier to download the books? But the download for Romeo/Julie doesn't have the great concluding chapter with Chuck sneaking into Sarah's hotel!

  4. I'll make sure to update that, Anonymous. :)

  5. Anonymous20.11.12

    thanks for sharing.

  6. Anonymous25.11.12

    Where can I find "The Complete Reference Guide to What Fates Impose" ?

  7. It's on the tab. If you're looking for the one that was posted on ff-net for awhile, that one was deleted.

  8. Markus17.12.12

    Hello Frea,
    armed with your guide, the downloads and my kindle I finally dared to face the whole of fates this weekend.
    And what should I say; I nearly missed the soccer game of my favourite team (we lost but nothing new, since Loki visited my hometown we´re cursed:-)).

    Anyway, this is a fantastic, brilliantly written, imaginative rollercoaster of a story. Thank you.

    The only bad thing is that it left me with the desire to read more, not necessarily a continuation. I like the finish, it is very satisfying. But more Sarah-Ellie/Carina interaction, you know the phone-call at the end, the talk after the Lincoln-disaster, etc., etc.
    I know, fans are annoying:-).

    But anyway, if you ever publish a novel and it´s available in Germany I will buy it, not out of thankfulness for your incredible work, but because I´m sure it will be worth every cent.


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