Thursday Digest

I realize that I’m actively involved in a lot of social media platforms and I use them all for different things. My Livejournal, for example, is usually all Avengers things, my Tumblr is such a random mess of different fandoms that I’m surprised anybody follows me at all, and my Twitter seems to be random observations that form together with absolutely no coherency at all.

So, here’s a brief round-up of the highlights from the last couple of weeks.

What I’m Up To:

My sister is getting married in two weeks, so preparations are ramping up for that. That includes things like deep-cleaning my apartment in case relatives want to visit, helping sister with wedding-related things, and doing a lot of photography. Writing-wise, I’m in the middle of Counterfeit and Counterpart, a deep look at the relationship between Maria Hill and Natasha Romanoff. I’ve got three scenes left to write and 2k to hit the 15k minimum for the Big Bang in which I’m participating with the project.

I also have two separate bets going with mxpw and Nervert about That Which is Greater (the original story) vs. Revenge of the Bartowski and Chuck versus the Double Agent. I have not forgotten about those bets. A goat’s honor is at stake.

New Fic:

Operation OverlookAvengers, Maria Hill, Lady Sif, Peggy Carter, Rated PG-13, Gen, Drama/Action Adventure, No Warnings, 2140 words.
Maria Hill receives a cryptic set of orders that will change her life as she knows it.

This was inspired by this photoset and is just a start. Whether or not I’ll continue to work on it is up in the air.

Friendship is SharingAvengers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Rated PG, Humor/Romance, No Warnings, 1000 words.
It turns out that caring for two small birds does not leave you with much alone time.

This is the fifth in my Zoologists AU series. The others are here: Talking Like Peter Lorre, Swimming Like Peter Lorre, Bacon Bits, The Unexpected Struggles, Lack of Sleep, and Fishy Smell Joys of Parenthood.

Probably Not On PurposeAvengers, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Rated PG-13, Gen, Drama, Warnings for violence, blood, swearing, 636 words.
Natasha is called to handle a situation in New York. The situation? Pepper Potts.

Just a short I wrote for the events after Iron Man 3 about Pepper and Natasha.

Miscellaneous Things:

Yesterday, I posted the outline I completely forgot I had and mostly ignored worked off while I was writing the final arcs of What Fates Impose, which celebrated its year-anniversary of being complete yesterday. You can read that here on my Tumblr and feel free to start something in the comments. I’ll answer any questions that I’m comfortable answering.

Yesterday was Crumby’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Crumby!

I’ve started taking notes on a romance novel about a con artist named Lexie and the nerd she meets in the IT department of the company she’s trying to con. You may recognize the plot.

Fringe Season Five Gag Reel! Oh, I forgot I was on a ladder!

New Fanfiction Reaction Gif Tumblr

My new favorite reaction gif of all time:
winston gif

Somebody challenged me to write story beginnings based on different tropes…so I did.


  1. Anonymous14.5.13

    ooh. I love it when you bet against those two! All though I have to confess I'm kinda pulling against you since generally the bet is if you lose you have to write more for us. Sorry.

    - Mobi Cobbult

  2. Hey, Mobi!

    Sorry, no actual extra writing is involved in this bet. Just a goat and an avatar. :)

  3. Anonymous17.5.13

    and I give up. I really cannot fathom how an avatar can possibly be related to a goats honor.

    -Mobi Cobbult


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