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Greetings, Amusing People!

Sorry it’s been radio silent on the blog. I had a really strange week last week where other things ate my life and I’m still trying to recover from everything.


Chapter Sixteen of My Girl Sarah has dropped. It’s named The Final Showdown and it’s the chapter where stuff blows up and things happen and there’s the noir-appropriate final showdown in an alley and Carina does my absolute favorite thing in the story. You can read that here.

I submitted a story to Avengersfest. I’ll link to that on November 17th, when the authors are revealed. I can’t say what it’s about yet.

Most importantly, the ebook for quistie64’s awesome (COMPLETE) Sound of Music II story has been put up online on her blog for you to download. I’ve added it to my archives, too, for completeness’s sake, but you should go over to her blog and tell her how awesome she is.

I have recently decided, given what’s been happening on Downton Abbey in this current season, that I want to cut all of my ties to that fandom. As such, I will be finishing Guide Us Home in three chapters and running far and fast away from that fandom because I don’t like Matthew Crawley anymore, and I hate Fellowes worse. I will be fair and considerate to all characters, but I will not devote hundreds of hours to a show I no longer like.

Might be something big going on this week, depending on how today goes. I’ll keep you in the loop, if I get a little less vague.

Anyway, stay sexy!

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