New Stories By Me and Stuff

I have now posted something new every day this week! I don't think I've done that since Happiest Place on Earth. Anyway, here they are:
• September 30: My Girl Sarah chapter 11
• October 1: Hyperfocal Distance, a Clint/Natasha Jouranlism AU
• October 2: Sending in the Cavalry, that fic where Peggy Carter is Melinda May's mentor. Everybody run for your lives
• October 2: My Girl Sarah chapter 12
• October 3: What a Pear, a really silly "you had to be there to get it" sequel to Hyperfocal Distance
• October 4: Arts and Crafts and Homicide, where Natasha learns to knit and Clint worries he's going to get a sweater.
I think I'll go take a holiday in Chicago now.

Also, I've updated some of these stories on the All My Fic page of my journal, but at the moment, it's incomplete. As far as my Works in Progress list goes, I have 14 entries and four of them are scratched off. Granted, two of those entries are Hyperfocal Distance, which clocked in at 24k, and My Girl Sarah, which clocked in at 60k. So I just have to keep that in mind. Come Monday or Tuesday, I'll have an announcement, hopefully. Provided this weekend doesn't kill me.

Stay sexy!

PS - if any of my Chicago friends want to meet up with me, I'll be at Quartino's tomorrow night at 5:30 PM. To those I'm meeting there already, SEE YOU IN A FEW HOURS.


  1. Thank you for continuing your Chuck writing. Love your stories and always look forward to more.

    1. Thanks, Rob! :) Hopefully you'll like what's coming.


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