Happy 2014!

Greetings, Earthlings Readers of this Blog!

I think I've given up on regularly updating over here (and I've been kind of spotty on my LJ). Most of my organization and time seems to be devoted to Tumblr. If you ever want to get a bird's eye view of what I'm doing over there, my archive page there is a pretty great way to see what kind of inanity I've been getting into lately.

But in the meantime, I've also been kind of busy, writing-wise. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I've devoted some serious time and effort into working on That Which is Greater again. I feel a little more comfortable to tell you it's for the Winter Break story, one of the three I promised to finish. I'm working on the fifth chapter (Max has the first four chapters to beta) and at this time, I'm uncertain as to how many chapters there will be. At least six, it looks like. Also, administratively, I've renamed the Winter Break story on AO3 to Snowball Fight for reasons I'm sure you can figure out. When I've completed the story, I'll let you know a posting date.

This year was also the first time I've participated in Yuletide. I had some health problems in 2013 that kept me from signing up for the actual swap, but thanks to finally getting my headaches under control, I felt comfortable enough to write a couple of pinch hits. So without any further ado, my Yuletide 2013 fics:
Krepta, Child of Two Worlds - a My Teacher is an Alien (Bruce Coville) story. Peter Thompson is offered an opportunity, one his friends won't let him turn down. - This is a book series I adored as a preteen, so when I saw this on the pinch-hit list, it wasn't even a question. Getting to reread My Teacher Flunked The Planet was a special kind of joy.

A Princess and a Warrior Walk into a Tower - a Disney Princesses story. Jasmine and Mulan come across a strange tower on their travels. Yes, Jasmine and Mulan go adventuring together, and they meet Rapunzel. Animal companions abound.
In addition to that, I did a couple of prompt memes on my blog, multi-fandom. So...yeah, there's no way to make this short. So here's a list of all of the holiday stories I have written:
An Overabundance of Santa Clauses - Chuck: Sarah tries to be Santa. She may to be too late. Or, Sarah and Santa Claus come to an agreement.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Tree Rash - Fates: They make their own family for Christmas. Even if maybe the tree is too big of a foe for Chuck to handle…
Sarah vs. the NinjaBread Google - Chuck: Chuck gets some help baking. Sarah’s not sure how she feels about this.
Christmas Clint - Avengers: Clint thinks about Christmas in a typical Clint Barton fashion
A Very Snoopy Christmas - Arrow: Felicity gets bored on Christmas. The last person she expects to have a solution to that problem drops by.
Technical Malfunctioning Festival of Lights - Arrow/Avengers: Felicity gets a nice holiday surprise—which takes place after the unwritten fourth part of the Badass Altitude Series.
Snow Laws - Greater: Chuck and Sarah get snowed in. Good thing they’re already on vacation.
Hawkeyes in Horrible Sweaters - Avengers: Clint and Natasha bundle up in warm sweaters. Warm sweaters that are also hideous. It’s Kate’s fault.
The Ugliest Sweater of Them All - Chuck: The annual Buy More Christmas party takes a turn for the ugly this year.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Blizzard - Arrow: Felicity and Oliver get away, but get snowed in. Huddling up for warmth is totally something that’s acceptable with your boss, right?
The Truth is in the Bread Pudding - Chuck: They’re going to General Beckman’s for Christmas dinner. Surprisingly, she’s not the one Chuck has to worry about.
Whoops - Avengers: Things get a little out of hand at the SHIELD Christmas party.
Frozen Traditions - Avengers: Christmas in Antarctica!
Dognap - Chuck: Sarah starts up a new Christmas tradition.
Knock Your Socks Off - Chuck: Sarah, Chuck, Sir, and Violet get some time in on the slopes.
Aunt 'Rina and the Wotters - Chuck: Sarah asks Carina to babysit. That goes about as well as expected.
New Year's Surprise - Chuck: Chuck struggles with being away from his team on New Year’s Eve.
And in addition to that, I also posted my be-compromised Secret Santa fic, which I can't share here until Friday, and a short Oliver/Felicity Arrow fic: Communication Skills.

Oh yeah, and as a New Year's Present to you, I finally turned My Girl Sarah into an ebook. You can download it here on the ebooks page because I'm clearly awesome and didn't take months to get that to you or anything. Woooo.

Anyway, I'm not making resolutions again but I am going to wish you and yours a very happy new year and hope that 2014 is amazing for each and every one of you.

Stay sexy!

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