New Ebook

Hey, awesome readers!

Just a quick note to let you know I posted a new Avengers AU story: Second Skin, including a nice banner on the side of the blog (it was created by the wonderful SlytherinGurrl). And because it's longer than 10k, I made it into an ebook that you can download here.

In a couple of days, you should see a bunch of little fic from me. I'll link it all here or on my Tumblr. Greater update: still working on Chapter 5 of That Which is Greater: Winter Break, but hoping to have a break on that soon. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people with birthdays this month, so Greater's taking a backseat. Sort of.


Stay sexy!


  1. Anonymous8.1.14

    Thanks for the update Frea - great to hear about Winter Break! I'm assuming you are skipping over the Carina story for the time being? Or did I miss it completely?

    1. Erm, nope. It's on the backburner, but I'm trying to power through Greater: WB in the meantime. Which sucks because there's a major plotpoint in Greater:WB that hinges on Greater:Carina. So....

      I can't release Greater:WB until I release Greater:Carina. Which means I'm gonna have a finished Greater fic sitting in the can for a couple of weeks and nobody's gonna be be able to read it. ;)


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