mxpw's Goals for 2011

Since I missed Festivus and my chance to do the Airing of Grievances, I am instead forced to list my goals for the new year. In truth, I don't really know what I want to accomplish this year, but I decided to aspire for great heights with this list in the hope that if I actually achieve one or more of them, I will have done something cool.

So here are mxpw's goals for 2011:

1). Finish Fates.




Oh, I mean, Double Agent. And Nine Months. And Banality. And Case Zulu. And H2C. And to never have any more WIP stories for longer than two months ever again.

Unlike Frea, and her anti-fun rules, you may commence laughing now.

2). Run every day.

I need to get in shape and work on my cardio for when the zombie apocalypse finally occurs.

3). Post more frequently on CI.

I have little to say worth reading, but I figure if I saturate the blog with junk, some of it will probably stick.

4). Finish both the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan and "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin.

This is my main reading goal for this year. Oh, and to finish the unabridged version of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, but I doubt I'll manage that one, I've been trying to read that sucker for three years now.

5). Get straight As.

Yup, I too am going back to school.

6). Master stick figure drawing.

My lines are pretty good, but they could be better. I want them to be as life-like as possible, so that people really feel it when I play Hangman with them.

7). Be nicer.

I don't think I am nice enough and I have to make sure I stay nicer than Frea. Being nice is the only chance I have that she might feel guilty over my elimination.

8). Finish several short stories I have in progress and actually submit them. Start my novel. Write a screenplay so that I can finagle my way into casting Yvonne as the female lead. Profit.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

9). Steal back Frea's time machine.

Pretty self-explanatory, I think.

10). Conquer the world. Or get a real job. Either one works for me.

I probably won't accomplish 1-9, so this will be my last chance to say I accomplished something noteworthy before the world ends in 2012.

So there you have it, folks. I hope you too have a great new year and accomplish all the goals you set for yourself in 2011.


  1. Frea has a time machine?! IS SHE SKYNET?!

  2. Anonymous1.1.11

    Totally with you good sir in reading "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. As for you finishing Wheel of Time, I can't exactly say that I didn't get too excited over the fact that you will be reading it. Coz uhmm... I totally did.

  3. Anonymous1.1.11

    Never could get into Robert Jordan. Tried real hard but....meh!

    I am into DA. Hint hint.

    I could start a www.getbryceoutofthebasement.com

  4. mxpw1.1.11

    @Tally - Of course she's Skynet. Duh.

    @OD - Thanks!

    @zappeej - Awesome. I've actually read the first few books of WoT already. I think I'm on Lord of Chaos. But for some reason I stopped. My goal is to finish off the rest of the series. Considering how long most of the books are, that should take me a while.

    @Anonymous - Hahahahaha! Thank you. That was very clever and amusing. If you actually started one of those websites, I'd have to update just because of you, whoever you are, being so awesome. I especially liked the second one!

  5. I think I've asked before but is the Carina story from DA dead?

  6. mxpw1.1.11

    @JC - Not dead, no, but I also don't have plans to start it anytime soon, unfortunately. Though it would be a nice complement to the next chapter of DA.

  7. Anonymous2.1.11

    Thank you so much Frea! I was only hoping to guilt trip mxpw since I really have NO IDEA how to set up a website that cool!

    I also can"t figure out how to post as anythng other than Anonymous on y'alls site! I post as "patty" on Chuck this Blog.

  8. Anonymous2.1.11

    @mxpw = Even if there were certain story arcs in the WoT that made me want to bang my head against the wall (say Rand and his womEN for instance), I kept on reading because I had practically nothing to do.. I honestly started reading the series last year only and caught up with the latest book which was released last November.. *blushes* Annnd... I'm also still waiting for the book recommendation post you and Frea promised. :D

  9. Patty,

    CI is run through blogger, so if you have a google account, signing in with that means you should automatically have a username on here (on this thread, JC, zappeej, and I are all signed in through Google, it looks like). Wordpress is actually better about that, they tend to remember names and the like. If you don't want to sign up for a google account for just little old us (though I recommend it; google accounts are pretty useful, with the number of services they offer), right underneath the comment input box and before "post comment" and "preview," there is a drop-down menu that says "Comment As:" with quite a few options. I recommend selecting "Name/URL" if you don't have any of the accounts listed. The default IS set to anonymous, but it's easy enough to fix, I promise. :)

  10. While were on the topic of things unfinished any idea when well see the conclusion of Bank Job?

  11. Yes. But I'm not going to say when.

  12. :) Ah, you're onto me, I see. Don't tell anybody, but I think mxpw may be afraid of Fates Sarah.

  13. mxpw3.1.11

    She's a Terminator! Any fear is perfectly natural! Don't judge me.

  14. I can see why she'd be so intimidating. You've struck a difficult, but wonderful balance with her, I think it might be difficult for a male writer to find that same balance.

    Also, my vote for the next Sarah POV one shot is the Stanford portion of Fates, starting with 'The Shower Scene', ideally it should run through to her departure for DC. Really though I'm mostly interested in her POV of 'The Shower Scene', oh and the whole Scary Stacks bit would be an amusing bonus.

  15. Hah, too bad Fates is a dictatorship and not a democracy. The next Sarah POV I write will be chapters from The Tourist. :)

  16. The Tourist? As in the Depp/Jolie film?

    I feel like I'm missing some sort of inside joke.

  17. Yeah, I'm adapting it for Chuckfic. Well, parts of it.

  18. Interesting, while I wasn't that impressed with the film I do think the plot has some interesting potential for Chuck fic.

  19. My thoughts exactly. :) So here's how I think it'll go. Ready?

    Bryce Larkin gets Chuck kicked out of Stanford.

    Look at that, an entirely new idea for the Castle Inanity Authors. *ducks*

  20. That's some controversial **** right there.


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