Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Push Mix

Tweet: #SarahConnorBitches #Chuck413

Addendum: You know who Linda Hamilton was all of Season 4? Sarah Connor. That's it. She wasn't Chuck's mom. She wasn't Ellie's mom. She wasn't Stephen Bartowski's wife. She was Linda Hamilton. That led to some certainly badass moments. But it also meant that she felt ultimately disconnected from everything else happening during the season. And, ultimately, I think that was the biggest failing of the first part of Season 4: We never felt as though Mary Bartowski not coming back to the rest of the Bartowski clan was a horrible thing.

Tweet: Morgan inspires Casey's grunts like no other. #Chuck413

Addendum: What an epic bromance, you guys. Seriously. Morgan brought Casey back from the BRINK OF DEATH.

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Tweet: What. The. Frick? #SpidersAreTERRIFYING #Chuck413

Addendum: Did they blow their entire special effects budget on that thing? That thing that looked like the cover of the Dismemberment Plan's Emergency & I record? For what? Basically a lockpick? Most expensive lockpick ever.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Where does Frost get her tech? Did Volkoff steal some of Orion's work too or was Frost using tech her husband gave her.

Addendum: Everyone steals from Stephen Bartowski. Ted Roark. Alexei Volkoff. His wife. His son. DUDE IS THE GREATEST INVENTOR NO ONE KNOWS. And all because of pancakes.

Tweet: @ladycat713 She obviously got it from my darkest nightmares.

Addendum: Seriously I am terrified of spiders.

Tweet: ...off a thirty story building #ThenKissyFaces #VolkoffBiPolar #Chuck413


Tweet: Bocci? #InTHISWeather? #Chuck413

Addendum: There is SO MUCH SNOW YOU GUYS.

Tweet: They shoulda done this on the back of the Tron poster. #Callbacks #Chuck413

Addendum: Am I wrong? I'm not wrong.

Tweet: OHSHIT! #Chuck413

Addendum: Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion

Reply Tweet, from rheadagnalan: OHSHIT indeed. Indeeeeeeed.

Reply Tweet, from BDaddyDL: best opening ever? #Chuck413

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Hee! Always fun watching the bad guy go batshit!

Addendum: Orion.

Tweet: @BDaddyDL Nah, that goes to the Pilot still. Prolly now and forever.

Addendum: There is honestly no better beginning to a Chuck episode than the Pilot.

Reply Tweet, from BDaddyDL: Truth!

Addendum: #Truth

Tweet: Orion's ghost's ghost could probably hack Volkoff's system. #RealTalk #Chuck413

Addendum: The man is a GENUS. Yes I intentionally misspelled genius. What of it?

Reply Tweet, from Frea_O: I'd buy Orion's ghost hacking the system before I would a giant spider robot.

Addendum: Frea your cynicism is ill-suited. Everyone knows you're the adorable one.

Tweet: @Frea_O You have obviously never seen Will Smith in Wild Wild West.

Addendum: Or heard the song "Spider in the Snow."

Reply Tweet, from Frea_O: I have. Point still stands. :)

Addendum: Does it? DOES IT?! Okay it does.

Tweet: Delivery room Jeffster is THEBESTIDEA. #OppositeDay #Chuck413

Addendum: That was an absolutely classic idea, in the worst way possible.

Reply Tweet, from rheadagnalan: I'm scared for the baby. And for the rest of the world. #Chuck413

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Somehow I don't think Ellie will agree with that.

Addendum: But... that's why I said opposite day!

Tweet: @rheadagnalan OHGODTHEHORROR.

Addendum: What's scarier: Salt N Pepa Jeffster? Or a robot spider?

Tweet: It's clearly hell. #LikeThisScene #Chuck413

Addendum: Seriously that interrogation scene was just painful, painful filler.

Tweet: Floating Fortresses need more ice cream parlours. #AlsoMoreLightJazz #Chuck413

Addendum: And maybe some more wallpaper.

Tweet: Yoga Seal is almost as terrifying as Robot Spider. #Chuck413

Addendum: I still go with Salt N Pepa Jeffster.

Reply Tweet, from rhedagnalan: At least if it will attack you'll hear squeaks.

Addendum: Unless you're ALREADY UNDERWATER.

Tweet: Timothy Dalton is still scary with ice cream, you guys. #Chuck413

Addendum: I am pretty sure I would be terrified of Volkoff even if he was giving me chocolate pudding with a puppy.

Tweet: Lightsaber lasers? #IAMOKAYWITHTHIS #Chuck413


Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Morgan is the smallest one so he actually had the best chance of fitting through the holes.

Addendum: I was honestly hoping for a moment where Morgan's hair would get singed off into a terrible haircut.

Tweet: @ladycat713 ....Is that a double entendre?

Addendum: Because if so that's really inappropriate. I AM APPALLED>

Tweet: OHGODMYEYES. #UnderwearMorgan #Chuck413

Addendum: So.... much.... body.... hair....

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: At least he's wearing undies.

Addendum: Thank God for small favors.

Tweet: Is... Is that a Gazelle? #Chuck413

Addendum: Like, a Tony Little Gazelle? It is isn't it? I never knew Devon had a thing for informercials.

Tweet: That's not ominous at all. #Chuck413

Addendum: He might as well have said "I AM BECOME DEATH, DESTROYER OF WORLDS."

Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: Went from not carying about MamaB to caring marginally.

Addendum: Hahahha best reply tweet of the night.

Tweet: @katsumaro #SarahConnorBitches

Addendum: She sneaks up on you like that.

Tweet: This episode is trying to do too much at once. #Chuck413


Reply Tweet, from Frea_O: Welcome to a #Chuck finale. :)

Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: Agreed. :/

Reply Tweet, from crystalelements: Agreed. The pacing is...really erratic.

Addendum: There... there was pacing? Also I disagree with Frea. Every other Chuck finale-- especially Season 2-- was at least only dealing with like two ideas at once.

Tweet: I honestly don't know what to make of this Orion thing. #Chuck413

Addendum: It started out so promising and then seemed like it went nowhere. That was actually most of this episode, come to think of it.

Reply Tweet, from crystalelements: I saw that coming!!!

Addendum: HUZZAH! Okay that sounded sarcastic. It wasn't supposed to be. I'm sorry.

Tweet: @crystalelements I more meant I don't understand the setup. But that's this whole episode.


Tweet: Casey as Mal at the end of Trash. #Chuck413

Addendum: You guys are still gonna be here when I wake up, right?

Tweet: That was the best scene. #AlexAndAlex #Chuck413

Addendum: We sure are, captain.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Now we just have to let Kathleen know he's alive. Hopefully that will come soon.

Addendum: Kath...leen? #EveryoneInTheChuckWritingRoom

Tweet: @ladycat713 Yeah that'll never happen.

Addendum: What was her last name again? #SchwedakQuotes

Tweet: Chuck pwned Volkoff's systems. #Chuck413

Addendum: Because they actually remembered he knew how to use computers!

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Yep! And now he's gonna do the same to Volkoff.

Addendum: #TrueTweets

Tweet: Oh God I missed Badass Chuck. #Chuck413

Addendum: This is what Season 4 seems like at times: Okay this is what all the fans are complaining about in the forums, so we'll make one big moment that deals with that issue and then forget about it completely until the rumbling about it becomes loud enough again.

Tweet: That was AWESOME. #WishItHadBeenBetterSetUpThough #Chuck413

Addendum: Seriously Chuck can wreck some kids when he feels like.

Reply Tweet, from crystalelements: IT WAS. BUT I ALSO AGREE WITH YOUR HASHTAG.

Reply Tweet, from tropetweeter: I love his plans.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Yes it was. Volkoff didn't even suspect that the knots weren't tied right. Plus Casey , Frost and Sarah were great.

Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: Awesome plan was awesome?

Addendum: Awesome plan was awesome. Thank you Internet memes.

Tweet: Choppers are rewards for good behavior? #BestIncentivesEver #Chuck413

Addendum: If you sell the most Girl Scout Cookies you get a TANK>

Tweet: Devon that was NOT AWESOME. #Chuck413

Addendum: Casey bitchslapped him into shape.

Tweet: Hahahahaha. #THEBEST #ALSOTHEBESTEVER #Chuck413

Addendum: I honestly will never get over that.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: That was a hilarious use of Jeffster. Including the look on Ellie's face and the way some people were getting into it.

Addendum: Best Jeffster performance? It's got to be right up there with the wedding. Though Season 2's felt way more organic, so maybe we have to give it to them?

Tweet: Okay. I actually love that last shot. #Chuck413

Addendum: I think what I really liked was how they contrasted such a huge moment with the cleaning equipment and dying lights in the foreground. It really hammered home Casey's point about there not being a perfect place or perfect time, about how all it mattered was having the perfect girl. It gave a singular epic beauty to the mudanity of normal life, reminding us both of Chuck's previous domesticism and how far he's come. All without a word. The writers just need to watch that scene over and over and try to make every scene that good. Geez. It was enough to make me think fondly of this episode.

Reply Tweet, from crystalelements: I partially forgive them for all the previous botched proposals in Balcony. Partially. Because that was love. (Heart)

Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: That scene at the end gave me goosebumps D:

Reply Tweet, from Frea_O: I feel better not knowing what he said. :)

Reply Tweet, from crystalelements: Yeah, me too. We didn't need it another time. The silence was what really made it work this time. :)

Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: and obviously Sarah's reaction. I WONDER WHAT SHE SAID.

Reply Tweet, from tropetweeter: no words needed.

Addendum: No words need.

Final Thoughts: There's nothing more that I can really say, you guys. While the episode was one of the weaker ones of Season 4, that final moment was so excellently done that I'm willing to forgive quite a bit of it. I stand by my earlier statements, specifically that Mary was one of the seasons secret weak links and that too much of it was hodgepodged together to make a coherent statement. But there were some absolutely spectacular moments that made me remember how much I love this show, and that last scene was one of the best.


  1. Ayefah31.1.11

    I kinda sorta missed the first few minutes of this one and I'm trying to accentuate the positive in general, so for now I'm just going to say I highly enjoyed Chuck finally going ENOUGH WITH THESE SHENANIGANS and kicking everyone's ass into place while Ellie pretty much did the same with her husband and baby. Bartowski siblings for the win.

  2. Anonymous31.1.11

    I actually kinda liked that interrogation scene. But i'm a sucker for scenes with Zach and Josh kvetching

  3. Ayefah31.1.11

    Chuck's Christian Bale Batman voice will never cease to be stupid. Funny, but stupid. I liked it more in "Fake Name", anyway.

  4. Anonymous1.2.11

    Christian Bale's Batman voice is stupid in and of itself.

  5. What exactly is wrong with Christian Bale's Batman voice? It's right out of the comics. It may not sound like you expect it to, but it's necessary.


  6. Anonymous1.2.11

    @BCF (and sorry for semi-off topic here), but there's a difference between grunting almost incoherently and making it sound like a different, tougher voice. Also, how would you be able to tell how it sounds out of the comics?

    Anyway.. hey, I was mentioned in here. Awesome. It is true about, MamaB. Only time I felt connected to her at all.

  7. Ayefah1.2.11

    BCF, I love Christian Bale's Batman voice. I think all superheroes should sound like toddlers playing dinosaur. RARGH.

    Oh, I finally managed to watch the first few minutes of "Push Mix", and I do admit that the bit where Chuck was like, "I've done nothing while everyone in my life has disappeared down the Volkoff black hole" was a good piece of character self-awareness. But gah, the pacing. There was none! We were all being driven crazy here by Chuck's passiveness, but it's not great storytelling to have him suddenly realize the same thing at the beginning of the pseudo-finale and finally do something about it. It needs to come from someplace before.

    Speaking of which - did Morgan ever mention doing yoga before this episode? If he did, my apologies. If he didn't, would it have been so hard to set that up as a gag at some point this season to pay off in "Push Mix" with the really bad laser scene? As it was, the yoga, like Chuck's self-awareness, just came out of nowhere at the start of the episode, only to play a vital part in its plot.

    A 13-episode "season" is short, yes, but it's more than enough space to set up that kind of stuff to pay off in the finale. Said payoffs are exactly what make finales potentially awesome. Maybe I need to do a season rewatch or something to spot what I missed, but that "heck yeah!" feeling didn't happen so much in "Push Mix".

  8. Anonymous1.2.11

    @Ayefah - I think he mentioned it in that episode at the start, but no where else. I could be wrong.

    As for the rewatching of the Season.. thinking back over S4, it really wasn't that strong. Yeah, it had some great, fun Sarah/Chuck moments, but overall, I think it was the fact that MamaB's character wasn't really..that likable, it's what hurts it. Yeah, I cared for her marginally in "Push Mix", but that was because she was finally smart and told Sarah that after all of this, Sarah should go home to Chuck so she doesn't turn into her (Sarah to Mary) and Chuck wouldn't turn into his Dad.

    Anyway.. I think the ending of the episode was my pay off. I got goosebumps.

  9. Alaster1.2.11

    Thanks for the funny tweets and comments as always. Favorite line of the episode:

    "What is baby Clara thinking?"


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