Chuck's Stable of Hos vs. Castle Inanity: Pushin' and Mixin'

If you've been following me on Twitter, you've probably heard about my newfound friendship with the awesome Yokaputo.  Heck, I think I even proposed to her earlier today, but we're still trying to figure out if I'm Dan or Blair or Chuck (and that's two shows referenced there, for the record).  But anyway, there's a story going on here, and I'm going to get out the puppets to tell this.

Puppet Yokaputo to Puppet Maximus: Hey, I've got an idea!  You guys sound smart!

Puppet Maximus's text message to Puppet Frea: We've got one fooled!  tehee

Puppet Yokaputo to Puppet Maximus: We should do a podcast together!

Puppet Maximus: That sounds like a lot of work...

Puppet Yokaputo: I'll edit it and do allllll of the work!

Puppet Maximus: Sold!

Puppet Yokaputo: And I want the Most Benevolent Overlord and the Head Minion to participate.

Puppet Maximus: But...but...  fine.

Puppet Chris Bosman: But what about meeeeeeeeeeee?

So that's the abridged version; the real version didn't involve puppets, sadly, which I think is a real strike against it.  Yokaputo is amazing and did indeed edit this insanely crazy podcast with mxpw, crystal.elements, Chris, Yokaputo, and myself.  And Chris is also fantastic and hosted the file.

So what did we think about Chuck vs. the Pushmix, as a group?  Have a listen.  SPOILER ALERT: from 29:30-30:00, we speculate on a pretty big spoiler, so if you're not interested, skip it. Sorry I didn't catch this earlier!!!

What'd you think?  mxpw vs. Frea should be out tomorrow, after we duke it out to see who has gets to be the optimist.  Please, please, do me a favor and go over to the Chuck's Stable of Hos website, check out what they have to say and definitely look at some of the awesome downloads and games.  Tell 'em Frea sent you...unless you're going to toilet paper their front yard.  That's when you say it was mxpw's idea.



**Edit by Crystal: For those of you interested in seeing what we were referring to when we mentioned Garfield seducing Miranda Lawson, click here. And prepare to be mindblown. :)**


  1. Ayefah1.2.11

    That was a really fun listen. I actually didn't notice Lester and the ultrasound, but that was because I literally covered my eyes in embarrassment as "Push It" started. What can I say? I have a very, very low threshold for televised awkward.

  2. Anonymous1.2.11

    So the one thing I learned during this: Sarah's mother was hatched out of an egg.


  3. *whips out Puppet Yokaputo, Frea, Maximus, and Crystal*

    Puppet Maximus: Hey, Crystal, join the party!
    Puppet Yokaputo: We want our Honorary Ho back!
    Puppet Crystal: ...Huh?

    *hijacks Puppet Crystal into doing podcast*

    And that's how it really happened. :P

    Loved doing the podcast with you guys. We need to do it again sometime! :)

  4. Ayefah2.2.11

    One thing I forgot to mention - I do wish you guys had a spoiler warning for the...bit that was spoilery. I actually didn't know about that. :(

  5. mc.darklydreaming2.2.11

    Great job guys. Didn't think you were all that negative really. I'd have to agree with Maximus, this episode summed up the season so far. Some great parts and some not so much. Let's hope Awesome comes back to being awesome. It was a sad sight. Anyway, well done. Hope you do it again.

  6. In the interest of full disclosure: That was actually me saying the episode summed up the season so far. Honest mistake, as Maxy and I were the only two dudes.

  7. Anonymous3.2.11

    Sorry but I'm going to have to sidetrack everyone because... GARFIELD AND MASS EFFECT!!!!


    WHAT WAS THAT EPICNESS! AND THERE'S SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS!! I mean who did this? WHY did they do it? and most importantly, how the hell did you find it?!

  8. Heeeeee. I think Wepdiggy came across it several months back and sent it to the rest of the CIA. We all just about died laughing. It's brilliantly horrible, isn't it? :D


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