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If you're anything like Chris, I know at the moment I'm writing this, you're probably getting drunk and getting ready to scream your head off at your Superbowl team of choice (I'm going for the Packers, personally, as that was my grandpa's team, and I think it's so neat that his team is going to the Superbowl this year of all years).  Thankfully, this post will still be here later, or whenever you check it.  I love the Internet.

The real point, after the break.

Anyway, the point, before I got sidetracked: we talk a lot about writing on this blog.  It's an occupational hazard.  That's the one thing in common between the six of us who post here, is that we regularly put words down onto the page and expect you to not only read them, but to like them and to tell us we're awesome.  So I guess you could say that we have writing and egos in common?

However, there are many types of writing, as some commenters have pointed out (some angrily, some not).  Justin tends to write screenplays, Wep satire, mxpw likes the darker side of the psyche, Chris likes writing as an art form, Crystal is adorable, and I like subverting things.

One thing I don't really think we talk about much is the realities of screenwriting, or writing for a show.  mxpw and I both have some familiarity with writers' rooms, but I don't think a lot of people know how it works, so when I found this post, I got really excited.

Here's the first part of TV Series Writing Part One: Setting the Table.

And if you're interested, the rest:

The Outline
The First Draft
The Second Draft
Production White & Beyond

Happy Sunday, everybody!


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  1. When the last episode came out I keep hearing how the pacing was off for the season. I am not sure what bothers me more. The fact that three of my favorite episodes of the series in the last 5, or that I feel like an idiot because I don't know what in the heck the people who are saying it are talking about.

    This does remind me of some snarky comments about fic writers can complain about the episodes. In a way I can understand this. My English teachers would be so pissed that I did not try and learn about grammar and writing when I was in school.Now thanks to this website and the help of the community as a whole I cringe when I see my first chapters because of this. Also some of my favorite stories, are no longer that way because of little things like the lack of personalization or telling not showing.

    The group here and Olddarth and some of the other members of the community are now going off about pacing. I swear I think I have heard that word a gazzilion times. I think I have become sensitive to it.

    The question I have is does the average fan notice pacing. If the joe schmo who would never go on twitter or blog doesnt care, should we concentrate so much on that issue. Unless we should not dumb down our opinions would stunt TPTB attempts at stretching the show.

    I hope this is a good place for this topic, but when I saw it was about screenwriting I thought it might e a good place. Please let me know if it should go somewhere else.


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