Fates 46: The Chapter That Never Ends

Fates 46 sneak peek after the break.



By mutual and silent agreement, Chuck and Sarah decided to leave Casey to his own devices, which turned out to be pretty easy. The other man didn’t leave his office, save for a forty-five minute trip to the dojo to beat the ever loving daylights out of Frank. Chuck checked on him periodically on Castle’s security feed, but apart from an annoyed expression that wasn’t too far from his default look, Casey didn’t appear to be any different.

“I’m bored,” Sarah said, walking into his office and plopping unceremoniously into the spare desk chair.

Chuck looked up from the financials he’d been paging through. He’d been drinking water like a man dying of thirst, and it finally felt like it was kicking in. The text on the computer screen felt less like it was trying to punch him in the eyeballs at any rate. “Do you want me to entertain you?”

“No, I just felt like letting you know I was bored.” Sarah swung her feet up onto the desk and leaned forward over her legs to tap a few keys on the second keyboard. The second set of monitors, which Chuck wasn’t using currently, as he didn’t have to flash today, sprang to life with the feed from the Grand Saville. “You don’t mind me working from in here, do you?”

“Not at all.”

“Good.” Sarah leaned back. “Poke me if I fall asleep.”

“Gotcha. Nothing exciting from our Russian buddies?”

“They’ve got worse hangovers than you do. Most of them have been asleep all morning.” Sarah leaned forward again, this time to grab the pretzels Chuck had been munching on, and had consequently forgotten. “Any luck on the financials?”

“Definitely some sketchy characters among this group, but I can’t really confirm anything from just the financials alone. I’m starting to think they may just be here for a wedding. You’d think they’d pick some place a little more tropical or picturesque.”


“I mean, this group can clearly afford something much nicer, if they’re staying at the Saville. Why not Fiji or something?”

“Maybe Ilsa doesn’t want a beach wedding.”

“I guess. But that’s the weird thing.” Since Sarah looked completely comfortable, and he could use a break anyway, Chuck pushed his chair back to prop his feet on the desk. He reached over and snitched a few pretzels from the bag. “All of the wedding guests seem to be from Victor’s side, not Ilsa’s. In fact, I did some searching, and she doesn’t have any family.”

“None at all?”

“It’s like she didn’t exist before Rome.” At least, he thought it was Rome. Casey’s story about meeting Ilsa was still a little fuzzy thanks to the amount of alcohol imbibed at the time. “No records whatsoever.”

Sarah tilted her head, obviously considering this. “The government, try as they might, doesn’t always keep the best records, especially since Ilsa is Eastern European. And she did hook up with an NSA agent there, which would definitely put her on their radar and could account for it. And as far as your guest problem goes, I don’t know, I think when you date somebody, your friends might become mutual?”

“Oh, so Morgan is your best friend now?”

“No offense to Morgan, but God, no.”


  1. Anonymous5.2.11

    yay!!! fates!!! looking forward to another delicious chapter; thanks for the appetizer. it's always good to read chuck and sarah interactions. also good to see that chuck's hangover didn't kill him, but i do hope sarah messes with him for a little while.
    -- seaboji

  2. Anonymous5.2.11

    Ugh, not going to lie, I've been going through Fates withdrawals. I hope that nasty writer's block is all chipped away. Can't wait to see the final product!

  3. patty5.2.11

    I was very sad when you took down the Fates bar. I am glad to see you are still working on it and am happy to wait for a chapter you feel happy with. I know I couldn't write anything at the pace you were going that was even half as good as Fates has been! I have been enjoying the Daddy Chuck story as well!!

  4. Fates fix! Thanks!

  5. Anonymous5.2.11

    Delicious "Fates" fix indeed. Nice work here, Frea.

  6. Anonymous6.2.11

    i hope fates resumes soon, and i will always be thankful as it staved off my boredom over the summer holidays well for a while at least when i was catching up

  7. Fates is a drug and this is the fix I've been waiting for. Thanks! I am so looking forward to seeing it all together, especially after the first sneak peak.

    “Good morning.” She crossed around to his side of the bed, brushing her hair over one shoulder, and sat down. “Ready for another round?”

    I think I broke when I read that. Just Awesome. lol.

  8. Anonymous7.2.11

    Oh please, please, PLEASE let this mean that Fates is going to have an update soon. I was (and still am...a little) scared that Fates would become another unfinished, never updated Chuck story. Christy is so right...Fates is a drug and I need and want a fix. Thank you for this preview; looking forward to and wanting more!

  9. Anonymous9.2.11

    I got the jitters, cold sweat, I been throwing every couple of hours and I can't sleep. I have tried everything and anything but nothing seems to work. This Fates whitdrawal is horrible (this message took me 2 hours to write cause I am shaking so much) please, please give this addict his fix and allow me to be able to sleep again. All mighty, super powerful,super incredible, Most awesome and beautiful human being ever Frea please o please give this fate addict his fix and put the next chapter up
    J22 :P

  10. Ayefah11.2.11

    I'm so glad to see 'Fates' back on the Wall O' Progress!

  11. Hellz Yeah!! Fates 46 in beta!! I can feel my shakes subsiding for now. o.O So looking forward to it!


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