What the Frak is Wep Reading? The Drabble Edition

What the Frak is Wep Reading: The Drabble Edition

Sometimes, especially with the awesome, million-word-per-chapter Frea as our Empress, we here at the CIA (readers and contributors alike) forget that sometimes, less can be more.

Now while I am in no way saying that I want shorter chapters of Fates (seriously, I don't, I like them how they are), there are times that I appreciate the simple. The short and sweet. The passing moments. The brief encounters. And no, I'm not talking about every romantic relationship I've ever had, nor am I even writing about the all too fleeting moments of SWP on those very special Monday nights.

I'm talking about the lost art of the drabble. Fics that get in, get it done, and get out. After all, everyone needs something to do on their lunch breaks besides five minutes of eating and forty minutes of chain-smoking. So what would I suggest in something short and revealing? Read about it after the cut.

So I figured there were two ways to go with this installment of WtFiWR? I could be ironic, and make my post about drabbles extremely verbose, and laugh about how I spent thousands of words talking about stories that are less than a thousand words. Or I could be true to the form. Keep it simple, stoopid.

And because I'm lazy, and because I've already cranked out the first chapter of my next major serial story tonight (which will be available for your consumption on Frea Day), I've decided to go with the shorter.

But before I recommend, I feel I should tell you what I love about drabbles. I think my favorite part of this format is that there's not enough time for multiple directions, and twists, and angles. It's a relatively straightforward platform. By that, I mean, if it's funny, it's funny. If it's emotional, it's all emotional. You know what you're getting. You get the quick punch of whatever emotion the writer is trying to convey (if it's well written), and then it's over.

I could find no two better examples of this phenomenon than these two stories.

First the funny. Awhile back, a wonderful lady who calls herself MySoapBox wrote a fic about Sarah shopping for groceries, with the help of Ellie. It was silly, and written from the point of view of a slightly crazed Sarah, and it was downright hilarious. You can find it here:

The next story is not so funny, but it was the first story written by a friend of mine, and the story that allowed me to make a friend. It was written by SMSTARBUCK93, and for a first time writer, and especially one as young as she was at the time, it was pretty amazing. You can find that story here:

So I hope you enjoy these short but sweet recommendations, and you guys are awesome. Peace.


  1. I have read both of these, before, but a reread was definitely in order. A mice 1 shot always makes me smile.

  2. Crumby21.5.11

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    I hadn't read any of those two, and I enjoyed them both! :)

  3. If you you want an all-time great short-and-sweet one-off fic, look no further than Chuck vs The Premium Drunk.

  4. Ayefah22.5.11

    Ah, "Storefront". Still hilarious after all this time. Thank you for reminding me of it, Wep. :)

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed the recommendations. Storefront certainly does withstand the test of time. Just imagine if we'd had this kind of awesome hilarity on the show, haha.


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