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So lately, there have been several people on ye olde twitterverse that have lamented the death of DA. This is understandable, I suppose, since the last time it was updated was during some point in the Jurassic period. But it is not dead. Perhaps it's on life-support? I don't know. You can come up with your own analogy, I'm too tired to come up with one for you.

Anyway, the point of all this is to post a brief snippet about what you can expect when (not if!) DA comes back. Now, I am no Frea, so don't expect brilliance or a wealth of story material in one 500 word snippet (not that you are even getting that much), but here is a section of Chapter 27 for all of you to read*.

Oh, and yes, I said Chapter 27.

# # # # #

Project Omaha was, unsurprisingly, not actually located in Omaha, Nebraska. Why it was called Project Omaha and not Project Cassandra or Project Pandora, Chuck would probably never understand. Another thing he would never understand was why the government’s most top secret special access project was based out of some random Air Force base in South Dakota.

It was freaking freezing in South Dakota. At least, he tried to comfort himself, he wasn’t stationed in some truly miserable place like Siberia.

He had been with the project for only three days and already he was feeling a little overwhelmed. It wasn’t the homesickness anymore. It had taken the bulk of four months since he had graduated to get over it, but he no longer lamented being cutoff from Ellie and Morgan. Oh he still missed them terribly, especially Ellie, but it was a dull ache that he could push to the back of his mind now. It took four months of processing and a crash course in the Agency’s protocols to do it, but he no longer felt that constant longing.

Being homesick wasn’t what was bothering him. It was the scope, the sheer magnitude of the project that boggled his mind and made him feel completely inadequate to the task.

The government was trying to predict the future. And they expected him to make it happen.

It was all a little much. Yes, he had aced Professor Fleming’s course. And yes, he knew he had an aptitude for understanding and developing highly complex coding with an emphasis on pattern recognition. But what the government wanted to achieve with Project Omaha seemed impossible to him.

And to make matters worse, people’s lives were on the line. It was just too much. He felt like had been tossed into the deep end of the pool after only his first swim class.

They were expecting him to develop new Intersect protocols for another round of human trials in only another four days.

A week.

They wanted him to help fix what Doctor Busgang and the entire Project Omaha staff hadn’t been able to solve in nearly three years of steady work. In a week.

It was madness.

# # # # #

So there you go. It's certainly not the greatest writing or all that exciting, but I do think it gives you an idea of what you can expect in the next few chapters.

I mean, it was either this or the sex scene between Chuck and Jill.

I welcome any and all comments, but really, I just wanted to reassure people that I haven't actually forgotten the story.

*Actual snippet is subject to change by the time the chapter is actually posted, so don't hold me to it.


  1. Ayefah5.5.11

    IT LIIIIIIIIVES! And Fates' progress bar has moved! Yay!

    *toddles back to finals*

  2. Nice job on this one, mxpw. Hm.. this or a Chuck and Jill sex scene...

    I guess I'm happy you went with this? And nice toss in with Siberia, Haha.

  3. alladinsgenie4u5.5.11

    "At least, he tried to comfort himself, he wasn’t stationed in some truly miserable place like Siberia."

    Shout-out to Fates. Yay!!

    " mean, it was either this or the sex scene between Chuck and Jill."

    You are EVIL. Is this your way of getting back at us for thinking that DA was dormant/dead? :)

    Anyways, thanks. :)

  4. Anonymous5.5.11

    I could go for a sex scene between Chuck and Jill.
    God knows that Sarah's had more sexy time, fan fiction wise, with her than Chuck has.

  5. Anonymous5.5.11

    I'm also supposed to say something about the snippet. Well, truthfully, it was interesting and well written but it still doesn't do what we (I) want. To free Bryce Larkin. Is there not a clause on your contract to do that.

    On a completely unrelated matter, I may have just Google'd "shirtless Matt Bomer."

  6. Crumby5.5.11

    It kind of makes me want to re-read the whole story again! Damn it! It also reminds me, how little we actually know. Really interesting to here about Omaha.

    Also: "At least, he tried to comfort himself, he wasn’t stationed in some truly miserable place like Siberia." :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. centauri2520005.5.11

    This has made my day. It is freaking awesome to get an update on the status of DA. I can't wait to read about Chuck's involvement with Project Omaha. I hope you keep that nod to Fates in the final draft. This snippet was great to get. I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

  8. patty5.5.11

    I am really excited to see this! WHOOHOOO! Can't wait until you update!

  9. On May 7, Anonymous said...

    great story can't wait

    The rest of the comment has been deleted.

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