Given that I've got Everclear blasting, silence is clearly not the thing going on in my office today, but it seemed like a fun header, given that I've been very, very quiet on the blog lately. Lots of reasons for that, some of them good, some not so great, of course.  But I've got to cover a few things, I guess.

mxpw vs. Frea - Given that we haven't even done our review of Agent X, I can't help but imagine that our review of whatever the next episode is...well, chances are it's going to be a bit late.  I have two finals on Thursday, two final projects due tomorrow night, so...good news is that unlike my first go-round in college, I've actually started on those projects.  Also, I don't think you're missing much by not hearing what I have to say about Agent X.  Considering that if I lived my life by the rules of Bambi, the post would be all mxpw talking?  Yeah, really not missing much.

R&J - I wrote a page of it the other night.  If I get bored with any of my projects today, I'll maybe write more.

Fates - Had a breakthrough, it just came at a really bad time (aka I couldn't follow up on the lead, though I did stitch some scenes together and give myself a launchpoint for when I can return to it).

Coming Up on the Blog - mxpw and I are launching a big rewatch festival this summer.  We're going to hit up the first season of Fringe and the second season of Chuck.  And if you want to rewatch along with us and enjoy all of our crazy antics, the new blog design will have some great links for that.

Annnnnnnd finally:

Some people made some ebooks!  Yeah, that's right, I've got some treats for you today. I took my friend Monsieur Aardvark under my wing as my ebook apprentice, and he fantastically rose to the challenge by making ebooks of the great Nervert's Chuck vs. the Pacific Northwest and Revenge of the Bartowski.

And two days ago, I received an email from the fabulous ninjaVanish with ebooks for Chuck and Sarah vs. Themselves attached, to host on Castle Inanity!  All of those are up for grabs, as usual, on the ebooks page at the top there.

My schedule will hopefully clear up on May 23rd or so.  Fingers crossed that I go through a crazy Frea spurt of creativity and unleash the new blog design/five chapters of Fates/some R&J/more Violet/etc. when that happens.  Until then, see you when we do our review!



  1. Oooo a Fringe rewatch! Count me in.

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  3. Ditto! Also, good luck with projects, finals, and such! :)

  4. Anonymous9.5.11

    Good luck with everything you have going on at the moment. I read That Which Is Greater again this weekend on my Nook. I miss Megabyte!


  5. Ayefah9.5.11

    Good luck with finals, Frea. If I can bring my lazy ass to write over 10,000 (footnoted) words in less than a week...well, you'll be fine. :)

  6. Anonymous13.5.11

    awesome! we got a fifth!!
    i'm really glad Fates is still going strong, it'll be like a fix to my addiction in between seasons.. thank you for this story Frea.


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