Lazy Summer Serial Voting!

So here it is, your chance to vote at last! You've seen the five excerpts, ratings, and synopses, you've listened to our author comments, now it's time for you to decide what mxpw and I will focus on this summer (when we're not writing other things, working, or taking classes). Will we see Morgan as the Intersect? Will we find out how the West was really won? Take a bow with Sarah Walker? Join Jenny Burton at the Buy More? Or will we find out what GKW really means (ask Michael K!)? The choice is yours (and everybody else's).

I've created this wonderful poll with Polldaddy for all of our handy voting needs. Unlike the polls I've created on Blogger, hopefully this one won't have a cloud crash halfway through and lose all of our results. Also, I've enabled it so that you should only be able to vote once per day (though I know a lot of you know plenty of ways to get around that; I have washed my hands of it and trust that you will be the honorable sots I imagine you to be in my head). On Friday, we will announce the winner, and the Lazy Summer Serial of 2011 will kick off!

Just a few notes: most of the stories are dual POV, switching between Chuck and Sarah (one may not be, I'm not sure).  All stories promise romance, mxpw and Frea working together, and Casey actually features in a few of them (not saying which).  We will have the story finished by the premiere of Chuck S5, too.  We've already made a deal that we're allowed to complain, but if Frea bites mxpw's head off, dire things will happen, minion or no.

Meanwhile, don't forget to hop on the blog tomorrow night to see the fabulous Wepdiggy talk about the first episode of Fringe! I've got some stuff going on, but I'll be back on to share my opinions on the first episode (smiling Olivia! D'awww!), too.

And since I know you're all dying to cast your vote, here it is:

- Frea


  1. OK, Curtain Call has my vote today! I've decided! And no, I won't change my mind...until tomorrow, maybe. :-)

  2. Anonymous26.6.11

    I went Outpost. I just realized that when Chuck asks Sarah for her name she said Sam. I'm not sure if you will have her as Sam or if she was so dehydrated that she told him by accident. I can imagine the awkward moments between them because Chuck knows her name, her real one. Should have some funny moments.

  3. Anonymous27.6.11

    I'm voting for Jenny Burton vs the World or Curtain Call... we'll see

  4. Big Kev27.6.11

    OK, so Curtain Call gets the vote for today - but there's barely a page width between that, Jenny Burton and Miss Sarah. I'm intrigued by where Outpost might take "Sam" - we'll see if intrigue translates into votes.
    The only one that didn't really grab me was #1, although it was still beautifully written, and it's probably more accurate to say that it didn't grab me as much as the others.
    Honestly though - I'm just happy to read any stories you guys come out with, whichever one wins!

  5. stephen27.6.11

    This choice was really hard as all the contenders had parts that i really enjoyed and premises I would really love to read but I have to say that I went for Curtain call. I loved the idea of Chuck being Sarahs Kevin Costner oops i mean bodyguard when he is so in love with her. It has the possibility of great humour as they are both out of there comfort zones and of course the promise of SWP is always a winner.

  6. Anonymous28.6.11

    I voted for "Curtain Call". I hope someone will eventually pick up "Jenny Burton vs. the World," but I want to see movie star Sarah and bodyguard Chuck.


  7. Katieishere28.6.11

    I'm clearly out in left field, but Curtain Call is the only one I really don't want to see. Drat.

    After reading them all w/half hr breaks between to reset, JBvtW gets my vote. Sarah trying to be a nerdy tech? How can you pass that up?! You can't.

    Outpost is a close second though, because who doesn't love a competent, confident Chuck? Not this girl. Yum yum yum.

    So even if Curtain Call wins by a landslide, please please please keep the other two on deck?

  8. Sarah's not trying to be a nerdy tech in JB. Guys, she's a nerdy tech in JB. There's no trying involved.

    And (I'll say this here so I don't have to repeat it on other threads) the winner gets written. The others go into the vault to be written, possibly someday. However, mxpw has a lot of classes this summer, Frea is also taking a hard class, and they're working, spending time with family and friends, writing other stories, and one of them may be trying to launch a business. I'm not sure how many ways I can say this, but, really, Y'All Only Get One.


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