What the Frak is Wepdiggy Reading? The Wedding Edition

So in honor of the recent nuptials of our favorite spy couple, I've decided a very special Wedding Edition of What the Frak is Wepdiggy Reading was in order. Because as we all know, nothing screams "wedding" like fanfiction, right? RIGHT!?

Well, right or not, I have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR stories you should be reading, or should have already read. Check them out, after the cut.

Well this is the wedding edition, and you know the old saying, right? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Well that's where we're going tonight, ladies and gents. I present to you four of my favorite fanfiction stories, all fitting neatly into those categories.

Something Old:

A long time ago, when Wepdiggy was just a Chuck fic pup, another author kindly took him under his wing. It was largely because of his acceptance and help that I ever took this whole writing thing seriously, and I'm still grateful for all the help he provided as my first beta, and as my first mentor in the Chuck fandom.

His name is Timewalker05, and while he's since left the Chuck fandom, he managed to write many intriguing, fun, and memorable stories.

The universe that really hooked me into his work, however, is a two-fic arc that I think is some of his best work to date. And it was published over two years ago, which of course makes it old.
And while these stories are emotional, and heavy on the angst at times, they don't lack for the fun that makes the Chuck universe what it is. You can find these stories, Chuck Versus a Normal Life, and Chuck versus the Decision here:

Something New:

Maybe it makes me kind of an old codger in the fandom, but the fact of the matter is, I don't enjoy nearly as much of the new Chuck fic as I used to. This is not a knock on the authors, really, as I still appreciate all the time and effort that goes into writing, and also, at the end of the day, that's not what this column is for. I'm here to celebrate the best in Chuck fiction, not to tear down the not-so-great.

But with that said, there are still fics published that make me smile. I found one of those just the other day, and so, I present to you my "new" story recommendation, Sarah vs The New Car, by quistie64 which you can find here:

Something Borrowed:

Continuing on, the third part of this very special edition of WtFiWR has to be something borrowed. This one was more difficult, as what truly constitutes a "borrowed" fanfic? Is it a crossover, "borrowing" some Chuck characters for a story in another universe? Is it a Chuck story doing the same to some other fandom's characters? Is it a Chuck author borrowing plot points from another major work to tell a story with the Chuck characters? Have I completely confused myself at this point? The answers to all those questions could be yes, but I've decided to go in a different direction (and to un-confuse myself).

So every now and then, one of the actors on Chuck has another project, and because of our love of our stars, we, the fans of Chuck, generally support those efforts. Such was the case in 2010, when the lovely Yvonne Strahovski lent her voice (and likeness) to the makers of the game Mass Effect 2.

I'd never played the original Mass Effect at the time, but when I learned Yvonne would be so involved in the game, I ran out and bought the sequel the day it was delivered to stores. And I immediately fell in love with the universe. So much so, that I started reading (and even writing, once upon a time) fanfictions about it.

Now, that fandom is much more diverse than the overwhelmingly Chuck/Sarah biased Chuck fandom, and many of the stories don't interest me at all, but every now and again, I find one that just clicks for me. And recently, I found one that I absolutely LOVE. And hey, there's even (a small) Chuck reference thrown in eventually. Oh! And it even has the word "fate" in the title, which I will privately take as a nod to our very generous overlord, here at Castle Inanity. Okay, enough prattling on from me. I now present to you our "borrowed" story, Made Nightwing's Changing Fate:

Something Blue:

Ahhh, and finally we come to the end. Something blue. What the frak does that even mean, in fanfic terms? I'm not sure. I guess it could be a story that has "blue" in the title (such as JMG's Chuck vs The Blue), but instead, I'm going to go with the most famous blue object in all of geek culture, the TARDIS.

There have been a couple of Chuck/Doctor Who crossovers written, but none that really inspire me to recommend them. Instead, back in December of 2009, and January of 2010, one of our old friends here at Castle Inanity, Liam 2. In honor of the end of the run of the Tenth Doctor, Justin wrote two drabbles chronicling Sarah's reaction to The End of Time. You can find his Sarah Walker versus David Tennant here:

So that's all for this very special, Wedding Edition of What the Frak is Wepdiggy Reading? I hope you enjoyed it, and happy reading. You guys are awesome. Peace.


  1. Timewalker has always been a favorite of minehis stories are very diverse. It's time for some re reads of his work.

  2. Thanks Wep for bringing back Timewalker05 works back into the light.
    I did love those two stories and he had a ton of other good fics.

  3. Alaster13.6.11

    Thanks for posting the recommendations. They were great reads. Have you ever thought of recommending stories that are abandoned but what you would love if the authors continued and finished them?

    This is a selfish request. I finished reading all the completed stories that I have found interesting and you always have good recommendations.

  4. Hiya, Alaster. I actually *do* recommend unfinished fics, from time to time. I've never done a column based solely around that criteria, but it might be neat. As for putting pressure on other authors, though, I'm afraid trying to do that would make me a bit of a hypocrite, haha.

  5. Alaster15.6.11

    @Wepdiggy, than you for the answer. I didn't actually mean for you to put pressure on the author, I just meant stories that you personally liked and would love if by some random miracle that author decided to finish their story.

  6. Sweet a new WtFiWR post. Thanks for the recommendations.

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