Moar Goodies!

Okay, now that I'm done cringing at my spelling of "more," I'll let you know there are several new additions to the Downloads page.  Jimmy 144 sent me several of his books to convert into ebooks, so you can find those here.  And then I went and converted an oldie for my own reading pleasure, and decided to share (and I found a new use for the famous T-shirt pic, too!), so you can get a copy of Moe23's fabulous Sarah vs. Green Bay here.

And of course, I've been a really, really bad friend lately.  I've made all of these ebooks, but I have yet to immortalize anything belonging to the great mxpw (besides Double Agent, of course) into an ebook.

So I did that today, creating Chuck vs. the Man in Black and The mxpw Collection, which contains all of mxpw's greatest hits, including Chuck vs. the Cabin in the Woods, Sarah vs. It's a Not So Wonderful Life, and my personal favorite, Chuck vs. Two Smoking Barrels.

You can get all of those here, of course.

Hope your weekend's fabulous!



  1. alladinsgenie4u11.6.11

    Huge thanks for each and every e-book - specially the ones by mxpw.

  2. Oh sweet! Thank you! :-)

  3. Thanks for doing this again.

    The epub file for Green Bay has a problem. Chapter 11 has one bank page, only one page of text, and Chapter 12 starts as part of Chapter 11. The PDF does not have the issue. I am not able to check the mobi file.

  4. Thanks for bringing that up. If the epub file has the problem, the mobi file does, too. Shouldn't be hard to fix. :) I'll post a comment when it's done.

  5. All right, chapter 11 should show up in both versions. I missed a table formatting in my HTML stage, which means I actually missed it on three levels...*facepalm*

    But thanks again for letting me and AND double-checking. That was aces of you.

  6. I was just glad I was home by the time I got to chapter 11 so I could read it on ff.net. That would have been frustrating.

    Thanks for fixing it. It looks good now.

    Hmm, maybe Casey messed up the conversion in the current captions contest.

  7. Thank for the Green Bay e-book that story is pretty great. However I think it's Moe32 instead of Moe23.

  8. I'm causing all sorts of problems today.

    I noticed, Chuck vs. the Roundup and The Missing Years Series had blank covers in Aldiko on my phone. I checked Calibre, and the library showed the cover but the viewer did not. I had a similar problem with my own files, which was due to JPG/jpg capitalization differences. That was not the case here. I tried playing around with the title page xhtml file using Sigil. I don't know what I did, but the cover was fixed for Roundup. With Missing Years, it was fixed in Calibre's viewer, but still is blank in my phone's Aldiko.

    Finally, since I was playing around with files, I used Sigil to add a TOC quickly to Chuck and Sarah vs the Bunker.

    Let me know if you want my Roundup or Bunker files.


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