Fringe Benefits Incorporated - 4.01 - Neither Here Nor There

So every week during the Fringe season, I make it a point to arrive late so that I can hear Old Darth's teeth click together right before we launch our epic podcast for the night. We had some technical difficulties, a sugar-high Frea, a new term coined, and a blast this week.  If you liked the people, check out Jan and Old Darth (or mxpw and me) on Twitter!

What'd you think of the podcast and/or the episode?  I'll have a post ready to go next Friday when the show airs on East Coast time so that people can chime in.  Why?  

Because Fringe is AWESOME!!!

- Frea


  1. I cannot believe that I did not point out for the entire podcast that Olivia was wearing a very lovely shade of aquamarine, which is--wait for it--neither black, white, nor grey. Given this show's costume department and their penchant for doing awesome things, I do not find this insignificant.

    Also, there's one observer that reminds me of my dog--bigger than the others, kind of hapless, but happy to be there. If my dog had a voice, I have a feeling he'd state the obvious a lot, too...

  2. Anonymous30.9.11

    Frea, PLEASE can you give us more Chuck stuff :D thanks

  3. Chuck the show? Not really, I don't keep up with spoilers and frankly, I don't really like the show as it stands all that much. As for writing, it's in progress.


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