Inane Chatter — Castle 4.02 - Heroes and Villains

Yeah, the title says that. I realized the other day that we have a lot of Castle fans in our midst (and a lot more now that I've pointed people toward Of Finding Innocence, which is good escapist fun). So why not set up a "Let's talk about the episode!" thread for Chuck fans?

And hell, our blog title is Castle Inanity.  It seems fitting we should talk about Castle at least once.

Spoilers after the break.

Not gonna front: I loved this episode.  I have suuuuuuch a weakness for superheroes of all types (I even wrote two books about them once), so this episode made me giggle all the way through.  It might be fighting against Fringe for "who can be more heavy-handed with the theme," but I don't care.  Ryan's apprenticeship to Castle was an amazing moment, the chief kind of bugged a bit in a micromanaging sort of way that I hope she'll grow out of, Kate's expressions were fantastic, and Alexis has clearly hopped on the crazy train (I fled economics as soon as I possibly could in college.  It is possible that my left brain is dead).  But there can never be enough fun awkwardness!

So what did everybody else think?  I'll talk more about it tomorrow, but I have to do that lame thing where I sleep so that my boss doesn't think I got punched in the face because of the rings under my eyes tomorrow.

— Frea


  1. I also enjoyed the episode, the superhero plot is by far one of the best they've had!! I loved how there were three different suspects, and how everything ended up panning out!!

    I don't however, like the new Captain, she keeps giving Castle way too much grief!! He does just as much as anyone else on the team when it comes to solving cases!!!

    I loved how the Castle/Beckett dynamic is back, last week they were getting there, but this week, they were back. Beckett's looks were amazing, props to Stana for pulling off the "I'm in love with you but there's not way in hell I'm telling you that" looks!

    I continue to feel sorry for Castle as Alexis decides to grow up a little quicker than he's ready for!! Especially when he was trying to give her good advice and she refused to listen, at first. I don't think it helped that he threw comic book references into his advice!

    Anyway, thanks for posting a Castle post-ep discussion. I will keep my eye out for these in the future!!

    Later to all you wonderful Chuck writers in whose greatness I am floored!! Speaking of which, I should probably visit the Chuck fandom again, it's been a while...

    ~Meghan Johnston aka Madje Knotts aka MK or MJ

  2. mason1326.9.11

    i loved this episode! even though i'm more into DC comics, it was still great. definitely a fan of the beckett/castle conversation about alexis which could really be about them. and then the last scene in the precinct...i'd love to know where beckett's head is

  3. I'm a sucker for superheroes as well!I loved the part where Castle theorizes on the Vigalante's costume and he talks about the origins of such a superhero. That was a treat! I really dug how the whole case came to be, how they solved it, and the whole concept of the superhero intregrated in the episode.

    I especially loved Castles' excitement! One of my fave scenes was when B/C were heading to the Comic store and they had the discussion on what superhero they'd resemble/be. That was fun. Also the fact that Beckett pre-ordered a copy of Castle's graphic novel had me ROTFL! Those moments of banter and partnership between C/B really made the episode hit home for me, i felt the comraderie and the natural way of their relationship was back and upfront in the episode.

    I really enjoyed the comparison that was seen between Harrison/Paul's relationship to Castle/Beckett's. And the fact that it was awknowledged at the end with Castle's comments was just so funny and gave me hope for their relationship moving forward. Another comparison i liked was between Kate and Harrison, it made the whole superhero theme really have meaning towards our regular characters, mainly Kate, and how she, in her own way, is the superhero of the show.

    I feel like I'm taking up a lot of room, but can't help it I really enjoyed the episode. :)
    But i need to sleep as well so ta-ta for now.

    P.S: I have hair envy towards Beckett. Stana Katic's hair is just awesome no matter what! I'm jealous, it's so pretty and shiny!

  4. jsteed27.9.11

    I also really loved the episode. What really made the episode for me was the fact that all the scenes with the superhero in action were realistic and seemed it could of fit into an actual superhero movie. Loved the whole scene when Castle comments on the superhero's layer. Really funny episode and really loved the last scene of the episode.

  5. Anonymous27.9.11

    Truth, be told Castle been getting more of my attention than Chuck as been since the last Chuck episode. Now I am totally still addicted to Chuck, but the last episode had left a bad after taste. So during the summer I got hooked on Castle. This episode was amazning. Loved how they basically had a younger version of Castle and Beckett. Also I love the fact that Castle just can't find any way to sweet talk Gates yet. No matter what he does, it just isn't good enough for the "sir". Can't wait for the next episode, but I'm really looking forward (Spoiler Alert)

    to the episode were Castle is in the middle of a bank robbery.

  6. Syntacks27.9.11

    I got hooked on Castle mid-way through last year and haven't looked back. After the heaviness of the season 3 finale and the premiere last week, it was nice to get back to some "classic" Castle--great one-liners, lots of Caskett and one of the most interesting cases in a while. I absolutely adored Castle's excitement over the superhero angle--Nathan Fillion is always at his best when he's allowed to get his nerd on, like another leading man I know. His and Beckett's conversation over what superhero they would be was a great moment as well, and the juxtaposition of Harrison/Whitaker, while a little on the nose, was thoroughly enjoyable. Not wild about Gates, but I'm willing to give her a shot. On the plus side though, lots of screen-time for Ryan and Esposito--I really hope that continues. On the matter of Alexis, I'm willing to let it play itself out, but a part of me thinks that a lot of what Alexis is doing is a bid for Castle's attention rather than true "rebellion".

    Next week looks like it's going to be good, but right now, I'm most looking forward to "Kick the Ballistics" *spoiler alert* and the return of 3xK, still one of my favourite Castle episodes of all time.

  7. Enjoyed the episode but was irked by it's self enclosed nature ie as if nothing in the previous episode had happened. I know Castle flips between serialized & stand alone episodes but this time it is more irritating given the burdens Castle & Beckett are carrying.

  8. Loved this one! One of the reasons I've always loved Castle - are episodes like these. They're light, and funny, but there are still parallels. Everything ties back together, and that's something.

    On a side note... Emma's (FanficwriterGHC) story, "Of Finding Innocence" is definitely epic. And if you're interested in some other great Castle/Beckett stories, I started an eBook/PDF blog of completed Castle stories, including Emma's first serial, "What Pales in Comparison". http://thecastlearchive.blogspot.com/

  9. I've seen a lot of spec around the internet that Beckett is more open, and if that's going to be a season-long thing, I am 100% fine with that. Beckett's always been a character I love because she's a little closed off and a little buttoned up, but this episode showed a side of her I love even more than that.

    Just a note: I don't really feel like this was a contained episode, per se, as Castle is still having issues with the chief and there's a distinct uneasiness around the station (the lighting and camera placements were different than usual to show this). Alexis is still a little off from what we're used to. I don't think (other than the theme) things with the JB Murder are going to be anvillicious, and I'm honestly okay with them tabling it and letting these fun episodes come to play in the meantime. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not actually looking for balance with this show. I like the happy quirk too much to see some of it go in the face of the JB Murder hovering in the background.

    That probably only made sense to me. Fire bad, tree pretty.


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