Fringe Reaction - 4.02 - One Night in October

So....what did everybody think of the episode???  My first reaction now is that I am completely and totally in love with everything that happened, but I may need a rewatch or five to really absorb the awesomeness of Doublemint Olivias.

Peter?  Peter who?

Let me know what you thought about the episode in the comments.  Make sure to leave a spoiler alert if you're going to mention things that haven't happened on the show yet!!!




  2. jsteed30.9.11

    Really loved this episode. Anna Torv did an amazing job at doing both Olivia's. I really like the idea of having both Olivia's working together, although with a little friction. They did a great job in combining creepiness with emotion. Can't wait for next weeks episode.

  3. Fantastic Fringe episode tonight. And only possible because of the new timeline. Allows the Olivias to be repositioned so that they are very similar to one another. Show runners take full advantage of Peter's absence.

  4. I love the subtle differences and similarities that this episode shows. For instance, Olivia's "I killed him" (and Fauxlivia's reaction is just priceless) is different, as, if the stepfather was killed when Olivia was nine, no birthday cards every year.

    Also: Kennedy! Bwhahahahahahah!

  5. It's just so refreshing to watch a show and not have to question the quality of the writing.

    You can see the layers of thought put into the story of the week and how it relates to the overall plot and I'm sure if I went back and rewatched it, there would be even more layers I didn't catch the first time.

  6. Walter should call Lincoln, Clark! :D

    The case was a little Dexter-y. I liked it.

    Awesome episode! So many stuff in it. That was crazy good.

    And I have my answer: Scarlie is with bug girl! :)

  7. Excuse me, I think you mean Mrs. Bug Girl. :)

    If I have a big, stupid grin on my face all day it's because Alt-Broyles is alive. Carry on.

  8. I loved that there were so many moments where I went "ah-ah."

    When Fauxlivia said "my own Colonel Broyles" (I thought of you Frea), when she mentioned Frank (although this one was less of a surprise), when Lincoln said Scarlie was on vacation with Mrs. Bug Girl (sorry), or the best one: "My stepfather? I killed him." :)

  9. Fauxlivia's face on that reaction will always be stuff of LEGEND. She's now coming into the uncomfortable territory where she's going to be forced to feel empathy for Olivia. When she lived in Olivia's shoes, chances are there wasn't anything like Peter to tether her to this world, to make her feel empathy at all. Which is why she delights in getting the goat of her stiff-upper-lip, stick-in-the-mud doppelgaenger. It's easier not to feel something for your enemy when they aren't sympathetic, so Fauxlivia probably mocks and jeers Olivia as much as she can.

    Here, Olivia was competent and professional and worst of all, sympathetic. Fauxlivia's bubble burst in that conversation in the car because there's also this added element of, "Holy shitake mushrooms. This could have been my life. That could have happened to me." It's only made stronger by the fact of what they're dealing with in the MOTW is exactly that point.

    So it was an interesting pivotal moment for Fauxlivia. And damn, Anna Torv is so good. She made me completely forget she was playing both parts.

  10. I also loved the moment when Olivia gives the plates number. That was priceless. Fauxlivia was like "Damn, she's good." :)

    How come Fauxlivia didn't know about Olivia's stepfather though? No Peter, so no need for extended research?

  11. Fauxlivia has got swagger. And it is oh so appealing. That was my main takeaway from the episode. :P

  12. I loved this episode but I have two queries that invite discussion:
    (1) The effect on Walter of the continued assault on his sanity of Peter's disembodied voice and the spectre in the glass and how this presents to his colleagues. It would be a pity if we gain Peter back but lose Walter's connection to reality as a consequence.
    (2) How did Faux John embed the "empathy node" in his brain? It streches the imagination that he could drill into his own skull then place an electrode into the brain stem all using a mirror behind his back.
    On a more positive note I loved the interaction between the Olivias and the wonderfully sensitive portrayal of the Astrids in both universes

  13. I really don't think we're going to lose Walter's sanity. I don't know if they're headed for a reset (blech) or a mind-meld of what I've seen called "blueverse" and "amberverse" that will restore our characters' memories but leave the timeline as it was previously (leaving quite a bit of mystery and the chance to, ah, retcon gracefully). Either way, both scenarios allow Walter to keep what (little) sanity he has. From a writing standpoint, disconnecting Walter from reality makes for compelling drama, but not for longevity, not if they want to keep what works for them (interactions between Team Bishop, most particularly Peter and Walter). I think that the other members of his team may be doubtful because Walter's apparently losing it, but the solution to getting Peter back is going to rest with both Olivia and Walter realizing something is amiss and doing what they can to fix it.

    Though if every episode is like Friday's, they can take their time. Peter who?

    As far as the empathy node goes, given Red John (ha! Pun intended cos he's a serial killer! Get it?) IQ and the fact that they've got some weeeeeird scientific advances happening Over There, I didn't see a problem with that. I did think the empathy node looked like a miniaturized version of the plug that we used to plug our kinoflow lights in, which is a pain to do by touch only. But that was all that stood out to me.


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