Inane Chatter — Castle 4.03 — Head Case

What'd everybody think of the third episode of Castle Season 4, Head Case? Graceless and I were laughing through the whole thing, though we agreed we weren't altogether impressed with the murder of the week.  Except for the fact that it made me quote Futurama even for an hour after the episode.  Somebody may have even gotten a kidnappster joke in there....




  1. The case itself was ok at best. The writers did hit us over the head with the theme.
    The actor who played the cryrogenics guy was not the bad guy dir the first time in his career, and they used his ghostbusters character name for the 1st suspects name (Peck).
    I'm really liking how the 2 are so open with each other. Not hiding their feelings has taken it to the next level.
    Not sure how I feel about the Stanford TD. I thought it was a cheap plot device, however it does set up some nice things, and I enjoy watching castle be a parent. Now I'm on the fence.

  2. I THOUGHT that dude looked really familiar! As far as the Stanford thing goes, I'm kind of amazed that Castle hasn't talked to the rejection letter before, myself. Writers tend to be odd about rejections and as a bestseller, he's probably been solicited for writing advice ten thousand times, so I'm puzzled as to why Alexis hasn't been privy to the "You're going to get rejected, every good writer does" spiel at least by proxy, you know?

  3. Meh. There were funny moments but overall the episode was slow.

    I also find it annoying how sometimes they feel the need to explain everything, like we were some doofus unable to put two and two together. I mean, Esposito explaining to Ryan the hotel room was probably for human testings? No kidding.

    I think last week great episode made this one even more underwhelming.

  4. Dare I say it? The episode left me cold.

  5. Dare, OD, dare! I fell asleep about 25 minutes in. Another tepid murder mystery and not enough interaction between the characters to hold my interest.

  6. Anonymous4.10.11

    Eh, it wasn't my favorite. It seemed like it was one of those episodes that was just a fill in. I laughed quite a bit, tho. Favorite part is Castle still screams like a little girl.

    Next weeks episode should be awesome tho.


  7. Nervert4.10.11

    I know this only affects, like, 0.01% of the population but it would be nice if, just once, the writers would ask a biologist or researcher to review their scripts. I cringed so many times in the first fifteen minutes I couldn't finish the episode. I know no one but me cares. I know other peoples' professions are mangled in TV scripts as well, though I wonder if they're mangled quite so badly. But, to anyone writing biology and biotech related scripts, I'll happily review them for free just to save the cringe muscles in the tiny population of biologists out there.

  8. Ayefah4.10.11

    I'm watching the episode right now and the premise is making me weep. The cryogenics people are hoping that one day you can cure bullet wounds? The legal basis for getting a murder victim's corpse is shaky? ACK.

  9. Ayefah4.10.11

    Frea, the cryogenics guy also played Mickey Rayborn in Life.

    And the episode got better for me when it involved chasing a guy carrying a severed head. I'm weird like that.

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