Let the Minion Speak....

 So I found out today that my application for minion had been approved after I promised to wear a tutu. I don’t think that the MBO realizes how much brain bleach will be required to empty her mind after she sees me in one. Thanks, Frea, for even letting me participate in this wonderful place you got here.

I want to get my feet wet and mention three fics that have not gotten a lot of attention. More after the break…

First off, is a new one out by Chuckfan56 of The Inevitability of Life fame. He has a straightforward approach in writing that helps in his latest fic, Chuck vs Fringe Science. He is doing a Chuck heavy crossover of Chuck and Fringe, in which he deals with the train wreck of Chuck’s season 3 head-on. The story begins with Chuck in a coma: he has to come out of in 72 hours or the government will pull the plug, I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying Sarah goes into the tank and they will have what I’m sure will be an interesting chat. I know in the past the author has thought both characters share the blame for season 3 canon, so I feel confident recommending it.

Next up is a twist on an old story for Chuck fanfiction. The Sarah leaves fic, but this time Chuck leaves. In Chuck: Recalled to Life by Grey Alchemist, Chuck runs away. Eight years later he returns to a whole new Burbank. A lot of these have been done—Chuck versus the Second Chance, The Stocking, etc. This story goes in a different direction. The years have not been kind to Casey and Sarah, but Sarah has come to grips with her life. Chuck is broken. While this isn’t a “Cave of Angst” as quistie64 might say, it isn’t sugar-coated fluff either. His last chapter shows growth, but not easy resolution. This story is yet more proof that if one of the characters is put through the ringer, it takes a few chapters to usually recover. For examples, see Fates, DA, A Common Spy Problem, Walkers Eleven, or even Chuck vs his Heritage (shameless plug).

Finally, a story that maybe not a lot of you have read: Chuck vs. the Alpha Version by PJ Murphy. It is an alt-canon story that has a well-developed new character, Jimmy Slade. PJ writes a pretty good action yarn. Team B saves this unique guy who turns out to have a secret. I really enjoy PJ’s action as well as how he writes the character interactions. Of course, this is a pre-season three fic so no Shaw or Prague in sight. A nice fun read.

So there you have it three fun fics. I want to thank ChuckThis for starting my fascination with Fanfic in particular. ATCDave thanks for getting me hopelessly addicted.

Before I go, please read the last chapter of Sound of Music. It’s nearly a textbook example how less dialogue can mean so much more.

- BDaddyDL, the newest minion (besides Starlin Shoes) at Castle Inanity


  1. Anonymous7.10.11

    The one thing that is sorely lacking for fan fiction = reviews! Hope for some more.
    Suggestion for next blog post though: Origin of Nicknames, ie BDaddyDL, mxpw etc.

  2. I have learned the hard way that some anonymity is a smart choice when online. I don't mind my friends to know who I am, but I'd rather hide under a pseudonym for people I don't know.

    As far as everything else I'm sure their is a reason for everyone.

  3. Awesome stuff, BDaddy. Go go Tigers this weekend, yo!

  4. The story behind the name mxpw is a closely guarded secret that I think only Frea and crystal.elements know. And they probably don't remember it.

    I could tell you Anonymous, but then I'd have to kill you.

    See what I did there?

    As for BDaddy and his post, great job! It's pretty cool to have new contributors to the blog and I predict good things in the future. Thank you for the recommendations!

  5. Oops I guess I missed the memo on keeping my true persona a secret online...
    Oh well, nice post BD though! :) I still don't know what to write yet.

  6. The story of the origin of the name Frea O'Scanlin is a long and twisty one involving a misspelling and Ellis Island. Also a name generator.

    And I DO remember where the term mxpw comes from. I shall have to open up some sort of auction, I think, for those who want to know. All proceeds, of course, go to my lunch.

    Thanks for the post, BDaddy! I'm excited to welcome you to the blog and will be blogging about that...sometime. Probably not shortly, as I have two stories, a website, and a video to finish this weekend. And I still haven't even watched friggin' Fringe yet. Ah well.

  7. chuckfan568.10.11

    Congratulations on your newly acquired minion status and thank you for your kind words. You and the others on CI are great ambassadors for the Chuck fan fiction fandom.

    Thank you CI for giving BdaddyDL a voice on your blog. Now who do I make out the check too?

  8. Tynianrex11.10.11

    Hey! You're writing at CI now! Awesome!


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